Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mini-Marathon Running Schedule 2013

It's mini-marathon training time! January 1st is just the beginning until the race in Louisville on April 27th. I'm excited! My Mom is planning on running it with me. Too bad we don't live in the same place to train together, but I'll be able to do the first three weeks with her. I think my roommate is planning to run as well (I hope so)! Here is post from the race last year: Recap: Louisville Mini-Marathon! 

I'm pretty much using the same running schedule as last year. I plan on posting my weekly updates on how my running went. My goal this year is to run it in 2 hours. That's a 16 minute difference from last year, but I think I can do it! I'm going to push myself and work on my speed. Go for it, Erin!

If anybody is interested in my running schedule, check it out!

Here's a recap of the first week:
1-1-13: Ran 3 miles 29:00, weight lifted 30 minutes
1-2-13: Ran 2 miles 19:49, walked (hills) on TM 45 minutes
1-3-13: Weight class 60 minutes, walked on TM 20 minutes 
1-4-13: Ran 2 miles 20:11, Elliptical 30 minutes
1-5-13: Cardio/Weight Interval 60 minutes (Ran 2 miles total, 20:00)

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