Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Can I just say AMAAAZING! Five out of Five Stars

I went to see the Midnight showing of The Hunger Games when it came out (March 23rd). Can you believe I went to a midnight showing? I can't either, but it was totally worth it. I was about to fall asleep waiting for 1 1/2 hours but it was fun catching up with friends! Even though we got there that early we still had to sit in the third row. It wasn't too bad, but with all the action it was "dizzy like."

The costumes, acting, scenes, EVERYTHING was superb!  There was a lot of teenagers in our theater, which means lots of "awww" "haha" and "gasp!" 

I highly recommend seeing this. Anybody (its not just for women!) It was almost the same as the book. Only minor differences here and there. But it definitely wasn't one of those movies that let the book down. GO SEE IT! I had a good time in Louisville seeing it with my high school friends. We all read the books and loved the movie as well!

Enjoy some of these Hunger Game images: 

Oh, and by the way...I'm Team Gale :) What about you?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some Soup Plus a Pig

I went to Louisville for the past couple days (which I will post more as to what I did) but while I was there I went to one of my favorite stores and my Mom's all time favorite store: World Market!

They have the coolest stuff, I always want to buy the whole store. Check out what I bought! A pig bowl that I couldn't pass up. Anybody want some soup? I can't wait to try it out :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Girl Who Played with Fire

I finished "The Girl Who Played with Fire" (The 2nd book of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"). It took me awhile to finish because I only had time here and there to finish. But I have to say it once again was intense like the first book. And of course the end was the best part. I started reading the first and the last book of the series "The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" yesterday. I'm excited to see if they are going to make the last two into movies because I would definitely go see them. I have to say I enjoyed the first book more than the second. I guess we will have to see how the third one goes!

Here's a quick overview of "The Girl Who Played with Fire" from: Amazon
Part blistering espionage thriller, part riveting police procedural, and part piercing exposé on social injustice, The Girl Who Played with Fire is a masterful, endlessly satisfying novel. 
Mikael Blomkvist, crusading publisher of the magazine Millennium, has decided to run a story that will expose an extensive sex trafficking operation. On the eve of its publication, the two reporters responsible for the article are murdered, and the fingerprints found on the murder weapon belong to his friend, the troubled genius hacker Lisbeth Salander. Blomkvist, convinced of Salander’s innocence, plunges into an investigation. Meanwhile, Salander herself is drawn into a murderous game of cat and mouse, which forces her to face her dark past. 

When I read the last few chapters I was working out on an elliptical machine...if someone saw me they probably thought I was going really fast because the book got really exciting and crazy! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catching up on News

So I feel like I haven't kept up with news lately so I've been on the internet the past few days to see what's up in the world. (You know, it is sometimes hard to be current on events being on a college campus. What do you think?)

Here are some articles I found interesting:

Introverts Run the World---Quietly (I'm an introvert...)

Gas prices up for 9th straight day (wonder what it is in CT, probably at least 40 cents more than KY!)

A Day in Photos (Every day and interesting to look at)

And since I'm pro-life and all, plus the educational are some articles I found regarding Choosing Life! :)

40 Days for Life Saves 294 Babies From Abortion, So Far (yay!)

White House: Colleges Also Forced to Institute HHS Mandate (argh!)

Obama Admin OKs Using Aborted Babies’ Brains in Lab Tests (argh! once again)

Ireland Government Rejects UN Call to Legalize Abortion (yay!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 10 &11- of Mini-Marathon Training

I'm officially on page #2 for the running schedule. There are only two pages, which means we are getting closer to April 28th, the day of the mini-marathon! I'm combining two weeks on one post because one week was Spring Break....which I didn't do too much during. I walked a lot in NYC and Boston...does that count? (I'm not thinking so haha) But the good thing about not running over Spring Break was I feel my foot has officially healed (because I wasn't running :/)! It hasn't give me any trouble since running after break which is GREAT!! 

My week:
3-4-12 (Sunday): Ran 2 miles 21:14
3-5-12 (Monday):  Ran/Walk 2 miles  24:45 
3-6-12 (Tuesday):   Rest  
3-7-12 (Wednesday):   Rest     
3-8-12 (Thursday):  Rest
3-9-12 (Friday):  Rest
3-10-12 (Saturday):  Rest 

CHECK IT OUT!! I RAN 7 miles on FRIDAY!! I'm so proud. The saying goes "If you can run half then you can run all of it." Which means I ran over half (7+7= 14 miles). 

My week #2: 
3-11-12 (Sunday): Elliptical 45 minutes
3-12-12 (Monday): Rest 
3-13-12 (Tuesday):  Ran 2 miles 16:54, elliptical 35 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes  
3-14-12 (Wednesday):  Ran 3 miles  34:35, biked 15 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes     
3-15-12 (Thursday):  Elliptical 35 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
3-16-12 (Friday):  Ran 7 miles  1:10:00, elliptical 45 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
3-17-12 (Saturday):  Ran (intervals)  3 miles 33:54, weight lifted 30 minutes 

Geeze, was it hot today (Saturday)! I was planning for a longer run, but I'm not used to this 80 degree weather so I walked then sprinted. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Recap #2

Now you're probably wondering what we did in Boston, right?! Well check it out!
We basically took the path of the Freedom Trail. Which visits all the historical sites in the city. 

Paul Revere's Grave
Site of the first shot of the Boston Massacre
Paul Revere's House
Paul Revere's Statue, like our acting out? We had fun!
Praying in King's Chapel
Bunker Hill Monument (lots of walking to get here!)
Mike's Pastry (FAMOUS and DEEELICIOUS)
Eating dinner at an Italian restaurant
It was a beautiful day outside! We ate our lunch in Boston Commons before we started our walk. It was an overall great day.

Spring Break Recap

I probably should have posted this earlier because it's almost been a week now since Spring Break, but late is better than never. So how was my Spring Break? Action packed! I brought three of my friends (Erin, Beth, and Hannah) to my house in Connecticut. We drove 14 hours from Bowling Green, KY to Southbury, CT! We went to New York City two days and went to Boston for one day. The others days we either went shopping, cooked, played Just Dance, watched movies, or hung out. 

This post will be dedicated to what we did on DAY ONE and DAY TWO in the City

Here is Day 1:
Visited the 9/11 Memorial
Visited Battery Park (southern most park of Manhattan) Look to the left of my head, it's the Statue of Liberty!
 National Museum of the American Indian
Times Square!
Ate at Junior's BEFORE PICTURE
AFTER PICTURE (It was called Devil's Food Cheesecake)
Other things we did (sorry no pictures for these):
Took the Subway EVERYWHERE
I was in a street show!! A man jumped over me and four other people! Pretty cool ;)
Visited Chinatown and Little Italy
Saw the Charging Bull on Wall Street
Took the train from Brewster, NY to Grand Central Station (there and back)
Shopped and shopped
Erin and Beth were put on a GIANT screen in Times Square. "They are famous"- according to Erin.

Day 2:  

Rockefellar Plaza (and shops nearby)
St. Patrick's Cathedral 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Saw "Washington Crossing the Delaware",  Pieces by: Goya, Donatello and Velazquez. 
Central Park! Alice and Wonderland sculpture.
Jesus Christ Superstar on BROADWAY!! It was amazing!
Hannah and I anxiously waiting for the play to start!
Erin and Beth saw Mary Poppins on Broadway
Ran to make the train back!
Where John Lennon was shot (The Dakota)
More shopping!

Check out my next post to see what we did in Boston.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Years of Gospels

Today I discovered that exactly two years ago, (March 14, 2010) I started a journal with gospels from mass. Every time I attend mass I always learn a new teaching, how to be a better Catholic, ways to find God in everyday life, and much much more! So I decided to start the journal. It is almost full, since I attend mass twice a week (usually).  Looking through this and realizing that there are very few repeats of gospels shows how much more learning I have to do about the Catholic faith. I'm definitely looking forward to it :) 

I'm planning on typing up all my thoughts and all I have written down in the past two years so it is more neat and organized. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Fray - Turn Me On

I LOOOOVE the new Fray CD. This song is my favorite from the CD. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY "ALL AT ONCE" It's been two years since my very first post 
(3-10-10 to be exact :) ) 

A Ring and a Pair of Pigs

I'm excited about the new pieces of jewelry that I have bought in the past couple of weeks. (As you can tell rings and earrings are my two fave pieces of jewelry) 

I bought this ring at Kohl's for only $10. It is sterling silver. I just couldn't pass it up, especially since I had a couple of coupons ;)

I bought these pair of earrings in Boston a few days ago during my Spring Break. I was a little hesitant about getting them, because they are pigs after all. But I figured I will embrace my love of pigs and that's okay if you think I'm weird. My friends peer pressured me to get them so it seems like they like them too!

Keep checking my blog because I have lots to say about my Spring Break that ended today! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week Nine- Mini-Marathon Training

This past week went well! Still having some trouble with my foot :/

My week:
2-26-12 (Sunday): Ran 5 miles 52:02, weight lifted 10 minutes 
2-27-12 (Monday): Rest 
2-28-12 (Tuesday):  Ran 1.8 miles 16:54, elliptical 45 minutes, weight lifted 30 minutes  
2-29-12 (Wednesday):  Elliptical 40 minutes    
3-1-12 (Thursday):  Ran 4 miles 43:54elliptical 50 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
3-2-12 (Friday):  Ran 2 miles  20:09, elliptical 20 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
3-3-12 (Saturday):  Rest (on the way home! Road for 13 hours!!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Break 2012

It's officially Spring Break for me! YAY! My last class was until 3:40 and then I was free, well kind of. I'm leaving early Saturday morning to head back home with three of my friends (Beth, Hannah, and Erin). 

Why I'm excited to go home:
1. Get to see my family!! Including my cute dog Bailey
2. Sleep in my own bed
3. Not worry about school
4. Travel: NYC and Boston anyone?
5. Home cooked food
6. Time to relax (mind and body!)
7. LOTS more that I can't think of right now. I'm so happy to be going home. 

You know how long it takes to get to Southbury, CT from Bowling Green, KY? Check out what Google Maps suggested:

Suggested routes:

  1. 940 mi, 16 hours 13 mins
    I-64 E
  2. 943 mi, 16 hours 27 mins
    I-71 N and I-80 E
  3. 950 mi, 16 hours 33 mins
    I-76 E

    I will be taking numero 2! This is the way I always go....well wish me luck on the drive with my friends :)