Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Recap

I probably should have posted this earlier because it's almost been a week now since Spring Break, but late is better than never. So how was my Spring Break? Action packed! I brought three of my friends (Erin, Beth, and Hannah) to my house in Connecticut. We drove 14 hours from Bowling Green, KY to Southbury, CT! We went to New York City two days and went to Boston for one day. The others days we either went shopping, cooked, played Just Dance, watched movies, or hung out. 

This post will be dedicated to what we did on DAY ONE and DAY TWO in the City

Here is Day 1:
Visited the 9/11 Memorial
Visited Battery Park (southern most park of Manhattan) Look to the left of my head, it's the Statue of Liberty!
 National Museum of the American Indian
Times Square!
Ate at Junior's BEFORE PICTURE
AFTER PICTURE (It was called Devil's Food Cheesecake)
Other things we did (sorry no pictures for these):
Took the Subway EVERYWHERE
I was in a street show!! A man jumped over me and four other people! Pretty cool ;)
Visited Chinatown and Little Italy
Saw the Charging Bull on Wall Street
Took the train from Brewster, NY to Grand Central Station (there and back)
Shopped and shopped
Erin and Beth were put on a GIANT screen in Times Square. "They are famous"- according to Erin.

Day 2:  

Rockefellar Plaza (and shops nearby)
St. Patrick's Cathedral 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Saw "Washington Crossing the Delaware",  Pieces by: Goya, Donatello and Velazquez. 
Central Park! Alice and Wonderland sculpture.
Jesus Christ Superstar on BROADWAY!! It was amazing!
Hannah and I anxiously waiting for the play to start!
Erin and Beth saw Mary Poppins on Broadway
Ran to make the train back!
Where John Lennon was shot (The Dakota)
More shopping!

Check out my next post to see what we did in Boston.

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