Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Years of Gospels

Today I discovered that exactly two years ago, (March 14, 2010) I started a journal with gospels from mass. Every time I attend mass I always learn a new teaching, how to be a better Catholic, ways to find God in everyday life, and much much more! So I decided to start the journal. It is almost full, since I attend mass twice a week (usually).  Looking through this and realizing that there are very few repeats of gospels shows how much more learning I have to do about the Catholic faith. I'm definitely looking forward to it :) 

I'm planning on typing up all my thoughts and all I have written down in the past two years so it is more neat and organized. 


  1. That is so cool, especially after the homily last night was about growing in your knowledge....The Holy Spirit abounds :) :)

    1. Thanks Mary! It's great to see people comment on my blog :)