Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 10 &11- of Mini-Marathon Training

I'm officially on page #2 for the running schedule. There are only two pages, which means we are getting closer to April 28th, the day of the mini-marathon! I'm combining two weeks on one post because one week was Spring Break....which I didn't do too much during. I walked a lot in NYC and Boston...does that count? (I'm not thinking so haha) But the good thing about not running over Spring Break was I feel my foot has officially healed (because I wasn't running :/)! It hasn't give me any trouble since running after break which is GREAT!! 

My week:
3-4-12 (Sunday): Ran 2 miles 21:14
3-5-12 (Monday):  Ran/Walk 2 miles  24:45 
3-6-12 (Tuesday):   Rest  
3-7-12 (Wednesday):   Rest     
3-8-12 (Thursday):  Rest
3-9-12 (Friday):  Rest
3-10-12 (Saturday):  Rest 

CHECK IT OUT!! I RAN 7 miles on FRIDAY!! I'm so proud. The saying goes "If you can run half then you can run all of it." Which means I ran over half (7+7= 14 miles). 

My week #2: 
3-11-12 (Sunday): Elliptical 45 minutes
3-12-12 (Monday): Rest 
3-13-12 (Tuesday):  Ran 2 miles 16:54, elliptical 35 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes  
3-14-12 (Wednesday):  Ran 3 miles  34:35, biked 15 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes     
3-15-12 (Thursday):  Elliptical 35 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
3-16-12 (Friday):  Ran 7 miles  1:10:00, elliptical 45 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
3-17-12 (Saturday):  Ran (intervals)  3 miles 33:54, weight lifted 30 minutes 

Geeze, was it hot today (Saturday)! I was planning for a longer run, but I'm not used to this 80 degree weather so I walked then sprinted. 

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