Thursday, June 30, 2011

Highlights of Spain

Right now I'm sitting in the "first class lounge" in the Madrid airport. Thanks Dad for having so many miles and me be able to fly first class :). I still have about 4 hours until my flight leaves so I decided to take advantage of the internet and update my blog. In one of my journals I have been keeping track of the highlights while I've been in Spain. Here they are... (I may have to go back and add some later)

1. Business class on the way to Madrid (and of course on the way back home)

2. Row boats in Parque del Retiro in Madrid

3. Meeting some many nice other college students who love Spanish

4. Eating dinner alone with my Senora

5. Calling Jesus to set up a time to visit him at the Pasteleria (all in Spanish!)

6. The interview with Jesus, plus free pastries!

7. Discoteca in Barcelona

8. Beach in Barcelona

9. The delicious food that Senora makes for every meal

10. Catholic Mass in the Cathedral- First Communion and Corpus Christi

11. Running severel mornings with Meredith

12. Senora and Senor helping me with a paper

13. Going to the Hospital in Segovia (not really exciting, but I'll never forget it!)

14. Festival week- with fireworks and circus soliel

15. Walking on the path around Alcazar

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spanish Poetry

While I was in Spain I took a Spanish Literature class and we studied poetry written by Spanish poets. We had to write two original poems as a part of our grade. Below is the one of the poems that I wrote. I will add a translation a little later. 

Movimiento de la vida por: Erin Ruppelt

Un ser indefenso es traído al mundo.
El sentimiento de amor como nunca antes.
La primera vez de que caminas y hablas.
Movimiento de la vida.

Correr libre sin parar.
Todo es alegre y todo es un juego.
La primera vez de que monta en bicicleta aprende a nadar.
Movimiento de la vida.

El mundo está a favor o en contra de ti.
Tiene que hacerte decisiones para el futuro.
La primera vez que maneja y citas.
Movimiento de la vida.

Completamente sólo, ahora es el mundo real.
Caras lugares y puestos de trabajo nuevos.
La primera vez de tener un marido y un trabajo real.
Movimiento de la vida.

Más y más personas llenan a las casa.
Los años pasan, pero cada minuto es precioso.
La primera vez que ves tus propios hijos y luego unas arrugas.
Movimiento de la vida.

Las nuevas generaciones han nacido y el tiempo es lo que más importa
Tiempo para disfrutar de pasatiempos tú amas.
Con el tiempo todo te detienes, no te arrepientes la belleza.
Movimiento de la vida.

Well, today is my last day in Spain! It's a little sad because I know I will miss it, but I'm ready to be home. I'm not sure what I'm doing my last day here, but in Segovia it is the Festival of San Juan. All the stores will be closed and a bunch of events will be going on. I guess I will have to see what is out there!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fountains Galore

On Saturday we had an optional excursion that we could go on to La Granja, Spain. It is only a 25 minute bus ride from Segovia. It's a small city that is known for its beautiful Palace that the King and Queen lived during the summer months. Meredith, Megan, Sarita, Kamyla, Director of the program, Lisa, and I went. It was a small group but it was still a lot of fun and I'm really glad that I went. 

We stayed for an afternoon for a tour in the Palace and to watch four fountains shoot water. The inside of the Palace was huge, there was even a long hallway with rooms attached just for the Queen to go for walks! The view out of each window was beautiful as well because there is a big garden that is probably miles long with flowers and lots of fountains. On Saturday, they started the "fountain show" at 5:30 and we moved from one fountain to the next. There were hundreds of people out to watch and many children in their swimsuits because sometimes the fountains sprayed so far onto the sidewalks. It was really pretty and refreshing to get a little wet because it was so hot outside. 

On another note, today was my last day of classes and tomorrow is our final exams. I leave on Thursday to go home and I'm a little sad to leave Spain, but I'm excited to be home in my own bed and with my family. Also, I officially have bed bugs and all my stuff is infected. So today I moved into another room and bought a few new clothes to wear for the next few days. They are coming to spray our room with chemicals and then I will have to pack all that stuff up, take it home, and wash everything in really HOT water. I can now say I've been to a Spanish hospital and have experienced bed bugs, two things I never thought I'd experience. It's all an adventure!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a Sunday!

This morning, some friends and I decided to go to Mass at the Cathedral in Segovia. We were going to go at 10 am, but we found out that the mass times had changed because of the Festival week here, so we waited an hour until 11 am mass. When we were waiting we discovered that it was First Communion Sunday because we saw a bunch of boys and girls dressed up. 

The area for mass was full of kids and their parents. There were about 10 priests and the archbishop. It was a really pretty mass with music and I actually understood most of the homily. The communion part was a little confusing because only the children and some other people were receiving communion. And they started to say a prayer even before everybody had received communion. It was kind of odd. 

After mass there was a procession with all the children, priests, and a huge monstrance stand. Behind them was some Spanish military and then a band. It was so cool! I'm so glad that I decided to go to mass at the Cathedral and stay for the procession. It was such a great cultural experience.

On another note, of cultural experience....that isn't pleasant, I think I have bedbugs! My roommate and I both have bites ALL over our body. We aren't sure what it is. My Senora thinks it is bugs that came in through our window, or mosquitoes from outside. But I'm confused as to why I have so many. Senora sprayed our room with bug stuff and I wasn't allowed in my room for a few hours. I hope I figure out what it is..and get rid of it. Good thing I'm only here for a few more days because it's kind of grossing me out! 

Hasta Luego Amigos :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Friday Night in Segovia

This week in Segovia is festival week for San Juan and San Pedro. They have numerous activities and events going on everyday. On Thursday there was a "hoguera" (bonfire) in Plaza Mayor and the tradition is you throw a piece of paper in the fire with a "deseo" or wish that you have. It was pretty neat! 

Friday night I went with a bunch of people to watch a show that was in front of the Aqueduct. It was kind of like CIRQUE DU SOLEILThere were acrobats with extravagant and crazy costumes. It was really cool to see. After we walked up to the Plaza Mayor for a concert at midnight. The Spanish band D'NASH was performing. It was a group of 3 guys probably in their 20's, that kind of reminded me like a teeny bopper band, but they were GREAT! All the guys could dance and sing really well. On top of it we were in the front row, so we were close to the stage. After hearing them I wanted to buy their CD, but unfortunately they weren't selling any. I think I might have to download them off of itunes :). We stayed out until 1:30 and headed back home. It was such a FUN night! Live concerts are great (free too!) and I can't wait to see what's going on tonight in Segovia! 

 La Hoguera
 Show Friday Night

No te vas a reir de mi by: D'NASH

Friday, June 24, 2011

People Watching in Spain

Yesterday I sat down by the Aqueduct in Segovia and people watched for 30 minutes...Below are some notes I took about the people I saw:

5 people with dogs
20 people with umbrellas (with the sun out, mainly Japanese)
1 Japanese person pose with a peace sign in her photo
14 people with ice cream
3 Men with mullets/rat tails
3 Old men with really short shorts

It was such a beautiful day in Segovia, I could have taken in the sun ALL day! 

Monday, June 20, 2011


I went to Barcelona for our long weekend. I left Wednesday night and got back Sunday morning. We took the night train from Madrid to Barcelona Wednesday night. I had never ridden a night train before, and let me tell was quite the experience. Maddie and I bought the cheapest tickets they had, and we were expecting to be staying in a bed, but we were assigned to a closet that sat 8 people. Each person had their own seat, but we were right on top of each other. About 4 hours into the ride we discovered that there were bed bugs in our cabin! They were crawling everywhere! It was disgusting. The worker on the train moved us to "first class" but we were still in chairs, although they did recline a little further. It was a LONG night! We arrived in Barcelona at 8:15 Thursday morning. We then headed to our hostel.

Our hostel was literally right on the beach! It was absolutely beautiful! Maddie and I were put into a mixed 5 dorm. There were two other girls, Meredith and Megan, that were in our room too. Who was our 5th roommate? A Vietnamese guy from France who was visiting Barcelona for a few days. He was nice but tended to follow us around. After we checked in we went to the beach. It was a perfect day for it. All Spain beaches are considered "nude" or "topless" so I saw a few people. After the beach we went on a free tour around Barcelona that was free through our hostel. It was a 2 ½ hour walking “Gothic” tour. We looked around several areas in Barcelona, where to eat, and a few famous places. We saw a Catholic church called Santa Maria del Mar which was founded for the poor people of Barcelona, the fishermen. It was beautiful inside. Probably one of the most beautiful churches I have seen. It wasn’t too big like some cathedrals are. You could see the whole church in one room, it wasn’t broken up. After the tour Maddie and I ate on the beach, at a restaurant that was on the beach. It was such a pretty day and sight to have dinner. We were so exhausted from the night before that decided to go to bed early that night and not go out.

Now it’s Friday in Barcelona. Another gorgeous day full of sun and heat! Although the temperatures were in the mid 70’s it feels so much hotter because there is really high humidity. We took another free tour called “Gaudí” We went to several places all over Barcelona to look at building designed by Gaudi. Each one of them is so unique. We saw Casa Bastiló, La Pedrera, and La Sagrada Familia. They were all amazing. I could have stood and stared at them for hours. We didn’t go inside any of them because they cost money. The next day we went inside La Sagrada Familia so I will talk about that later. After the tour Maddie and I went shopping! There have so many cool stores with cute clothes. Although I didn’t buy anything I was tempted to, but I decided I needed to save money to buy gifts from friends and family. After shopping, we made our way to Parc Güell, which was a park designed by Gaudí. It was quite a hike because it was on the outside of Barcelona on a big hill. We could see all of Barcelona. It was beautiful. The Park was originally built for wealthy people of Barcelona, but because it was located so far from the city it turned into a park. After our major workout up and down the hill we returned out our hostel. That night we went out at 11:30 for the “pub crawl” with other people from hostels. That night we went to two bars and then went to a dance club. It was the best dance club I have ever been too! They had two dance rooms FULL of people, played good songs, and had an awesome dance floors. I didn’t get back to my hostel until 4:15 that night. Boy was I exhausted!

Saturday we had to check by 10, so I didn’t get much sleep that night. Maddie and I first went to the bus station to drop off our stuff and figure out the train situation. We ended up getting refunded 44 Euros for the train ride on the way there and then we upgraded to first class for 11 extra Euros. So overall, our roundtrip cost only 37 Euros (versus 70). But we had to sit with bedbugs for a few hours!! After we went to see WONDERFUL La Sagrada Familia! There are three facades of the building which were all unique. One focused on the passion of Christ, one the birth of Jesus, and one on the communion. They have been doing construction since the late 1800’s and it isn’t supposed to be done until 2026, the centennial of the death of Gaudí. The inside was incredible. Truly a work of art, I took tons of pictures.

Saturday afternoon I went to two museums. One was free (Dhub) because only one exhibition was open, but it has fashion from Pedro Rodriguez for Maria Brillas, a fashion icon of Spain. There were beautiful dresses on display. Next up was the Picasso Musuem. I was so excited to see this museum because I really like Picasso. It definitely exceeded my expections and there were some great pieces of art. I didn’t realize that Picasso painted “Las Meninas” painted first by Velazquez. It was really cool to see Picasso put a cubist spin on it. Maddie and I were exhausted that we walked a park to take a nap. It felt good to lie in the grass and rest in another beautiful park in Barcelona. After a long day we walked down Las Ramblas and headed for the train station. The train ride was better than the ride to Barcelona, but still hard to sleep considering we sat in chairs. Sunday morning we finally made it back to our home in Segovia. Overall it was an awesome trip to Barcelona and I think it is my favorite city in Spain that I have been! I hope I can visit again in the future.
Casa Mila

Parc Guell
La Sagrada Familia

Monday, June 13, 2011

Lovely Sunday in Spain

Yesterday (Sunday) was another beautiful day in Segovia. It was warm and the sun was shining. In the morning I went to mass with two friends at the Cathedral in Segovia. I hadn't been in the cathedral yet. I took some pictures of the inside. The mass was in the small chapel on the side of the church. It was one of the shorter masses I've ever been to, because it only lasted 35 minutes. There was no music, but I was so happy I was finally able to go to mass while I was here in Spain. Because the Catholic church is universal I knew everything that was going on, although I couldn't say all the prayers in Spanish. It was Pentecost yesterday too, so I can say I was in the Cathedral in Segovia celebrating Pentecost! 

In the afternoon, I went to a park to have a picnic with some friends. It was Maddie's (my roommate) birthday so we went to celebrate. I bought some pastries before to bring and enjoy. It was so pretty outside and it was great to relax, tomar el sol y charlar con amigos. I forgot to put on sunscreen so my shoulders got burnt, but I don't think I have a farmer's tan anymore which is good! 

Picnic at the Park

This week we only have three days of classes because we have a long weekend. I hope this week goes fast because I'm leaving for Barcelona on Wednesday, I can't wait! My classes are getting busier though. I have to interview an owner of a pasteleria for my business class. I'm a little nervous, but I think it will go well. Tomorrow our group is also going to Alcazar to go inside the castle there, but I will have to leave early because I have my interview. 

Hasta luego!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

When in Spain

One thing that I really enjoyed the other day was eating dinner with Senora. It was just the two of us (I was the only one eating because she had already eaten). My two roommates were out and her husband had already eaten too. Before dinner even started I was a little nervous because I was going to have to talk and not let other people take over if I didn’t have anything to say. But it went really well I liked using my Spanish and telling her more about myself. She is understanding of my Spanish and helps me out if I don’t know a word or phrase. I hope it will happen again the future because it is great practice for my Spanish!

Yesterday (Friday) for lunch, my family’s son came over for lunch. He was really nice and his named was German (like Herman in US). He brought a dog with him!! She was so cute. She looked like a German Shepherd mix. She was so friendly and it made me miss Bailey! Her name was Dona or “Mrs.” in English. They told her “Dona fuera” when we were eating lunch which means “Out Dona”. She had the saddest face on because I could tell she wanted some scraps of food.

Another highlight lately is I have been having cake for the past two days for breakfast! It’s delicious. It is a plain pound cake. The other night she took it out at dinner for us to smell it, and I just assumed that she was serving it to us for dessert that night, but nope, for breakfast! In Spain they have a really small breakfast usually consisting of bread and butter/jelly. Also galletas or “cookies” in English. They also have coffee as well. So usually I have coffee and piece of toast for breakfast. And surprisingly it holds me over until lunch around 2 pm.

Today is the festival of Noche De Luna Llena (Night of the full moon). It is really busy here today and there will be events all over the city of Segovia. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing, but I’m sure I will have a lot of fun! This morning I went shopping with some friends. They had a feria where there are a bunch of vendors selling unique items from where they are from. It’s a gorgeous day here and later I went for a walk with Maddie around Alcazar. It is great to feel the sun, hear ducks quacking, and enjoy the free time!

 Bunch of Beach balls they are blowing up for Noche de Luna Llena
 Beautiful Day in Segovia!
Hard to tell, but I'm standing on the bridge.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It´s already been over a week in Spain!

My first week in Spain flew by! It's been a great first week. Yesterday I went to Toledo in the afternoon with my whole KIIS group. I visited Toledo last time I was in Spain, but I was really excited to visit again because it is such an old and beautiful city. We left at 1 pm and came back at 9 pm.

The bus ride to Toledo was two hours from Segovia. It wasn't a bad ride at all because I saw beautiful mountains in the background. It was a sight! Once we arrived the first thing we did was drive to the top of the hill to take pictures. I went picture crazy up there because I can't believe how gorgeous it is! You can see the whole city and it was sunny, so great for picture taking :) Below I have a picture of me in Toledo in 2008 and then when a went yesterday (a now and then!). After we walked through the cobblestone streets and made our way the Cathedral of Toledo. Let me just say it is HUGE and GORGEOUS. I was disappointed though because we couldn't take any pictures on the inside. But I will always remember what it will look like because it is unforgettable. I took plenty of pictures on the outside. In the sacristy there were over 20 paintings by Greco. There was also a beautiful monstrance on display and I just wanted to stare at it forever. There was also a gift on display from Toledo, Ohio. How cool! I was also disappointed that I couldn't stay longer because I would have liked to kneel and pray for awhile but we were in a hurry and had more to see! 

I also saw one of the most famous paintings! Called "El entierro del señor de Orgaz" It is a painting on a canvas and is really big! It was painted in the late 1500's so it is really old. It is located in the lobby of a church. Here is some more information on it (on wikipedia ;) ): 

My classes are going okay. Once again they are a lot more work than I thought. I had a presentation about a business article for the Business Spanish class, it could have gone better. But today in class we went to a crystal shop in Segovia. We learned about this only and unique shop and asked questions about the business. We were able to carve crystal ourselves! It was really cool. We all got to make a star on a scrap piece of crystal. The owner was really nice and only him and his brother are the only ones that carve. They are very talented. You can buy wine glasses, vases, and other gifts.

Today our whole group had a tertulia (gathering) to discuss our poems we have been reading in Literature class or just talk if you are a student in Conversation class. It was a lot of fun because we sat and talked in a bar for a complete hour, IN ONLY SPANISH! Our professors were basically showing us that we could talk for that long in only Spanish. Si se puede! (Yes we can!). I feel my Spanish is getting better, but I still need lots of work! 

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday because it is the weekend! I'm staying here this weekend in Segovia to relax and explore the city that I live in.

New words/phrases I've learned:
tiquismiquis: finicky
cola cao: Tattle-tail
Qué guay!: cool
Qué chulo/a: how cute!
You know where the saying "Holy Toledo!" come from? Yep, Toledo, Spain!

P.S.- I booked my trip to Barcelona for next week. My hostel is on the beach! I can't wait :)


Monday, June 6, 2011

First Weekend in Spain

Friday night I went to my first discoteca. Almost my whole group went so we had a lot of fun together on our first free night in Segovia. It was a great time not worry about our classes, get to know each other and enjoy ourselves. There was a creepy 30 or so guy that kept asking me to dance and of course I said no, but some other people in my group danced with him and it was quite entertaining! I went back way earlier than most because I needed my sleep for a big trip to Madrid Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday the group left for Madrid at 8:30 am (which was really early for a weekend). It took us about an hour by bus to Madrid. In Madrid we took the Metro to Puerto del Sol (reminds me of Times Square in NYC). It is one of the busiest spots in Madrid. There were people with tents and signs protesting about things going wrong in the government. Most of them stay there 24/7 so they have their own mattresses out there! It was really interesting. We split up into groups and my group walked through a street that had names of famous Spanish writers, some of which we will be studying in my Literature class. Afterwards we ended up in Atocha which is the major train station in Madrid.

El Prado was next on our list! Maddie and I went to El Prado which is HUGE! There are so many paintings and works of art that our feet were killing us when we were done. I had been to this museum before when I went to Madrid in 2008, but I was excited to go again because I love to learn and see Spanish art. We saw “Las Meninas” by Velázquez and others by Goya, another famous Spanish artist. After we went to Parque del Retiro!! It is like Central Park in NYC, but probably ¼ of the size. If you haven’t caught on I kind of compare Madrid to NYC because I see A LOT of similarities. But of course there are a lot of differences too.

At Parque del Retiro we went to the area where there is a huge lake. We went rowing in the lake. It was so much fun and I actually was able to row this time because in the past I didn’t have much coordination.  It was such a beautiful day to be in the park! After we tried to return to our hostel…. We thought we knew where we were going be we took the wrong way (passed up our street, and walked for a long time) And it started pouring on us! The Spanish people were giving us weird looks because we were still walking while they were standing underneath a covering. Once we found our hostel and dried off we went out for dinner. After dinner we went to Chocolateria for churros and chocolate. Delicioso! We returned to our hostel to go to bed at a decent time since Sunday was going to be another full day! Luckily the other two people that were supposed to be in our hostel room didn’t show up so we had a room to ourselves which was nice.

On Sunday morning Maddie and I went to El Rostro which is this street that has TONS of vendors. They were selling anything from shoes, jewelry, and decorations. It was a great place to buy cheap things but it got so busy that we left. After, we went to the Royal Palace. It is beautiful and gigantic! Carlos III, IV, and Fernando were some of the kings that lived there. The last thing on our list to do for Sunday was visit Reina Sofia, which is an art museum. It closed at 2:30 pm and we arrived at 3 pm so we were late. But it was ok because I had been before, but I was still looking forward to seeing Guernica by Picasso. Since that was all we wanted to do we headed back to Segovia. I was exhausted and slept all the way back on the bus! Overall I had a great weekend in Madrid and I had a good time exploring and navigating independently. 

 Friday Night
 La Plaza Mayor in Madrid
 Outside El Prado Musuem
 El Parque del Retiro
Royal Palace in Madrid

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day Three in Spain

Hoy estaba un otro día muy hermoso. En la mañana tengo las clases. Para mi primera clase mi grupo fueron a una empresa y pidieron para su dirección y número de teléfono. Todas las personas en mi grupo estaban nervosas entonces, hablé sola con el secretario. Pero pienso que hable bien. Mi gusta mi primer clase mas porque no me gusta el poesía mucho. Pero estoy aprendiendo mucho en las dos clases. Después almuerzo, Maddie y yo caminamos alrededor del Segovia. Caminamos por una senda y había muchos árboles verdes y vimos los platos en el rio. Estaba un gran camina y me gustaba. Lo buen ejerció y estaba tiempo afuera en el tiempo fantástico. Tengo mucha tarea. Yo pensé que antes del viaje, nosotros no tendríamos no mucho. Pero tengo tiempo para completar. ¿Pero quién le gusta tarea, especialmente en España?

Trabajé en mi tarea para un poco tiempo y después fui al plaza mayor. Allí, había una banda de cinco hombres y ellos “serenaded” mis amigas y yo. Estaba muy divertido y cómico. Había muchos niños que bailaron en la calle. ¡Qué lindo! Yo he notado que los españoles son muy amigables y siempre tienen las sonrisas en sus caras. España es un buen país con gran gente.

Para cena anoche tenemos una hamburguesa. ¡Comida americana!  Estaba definidamente diferente que las hamburguesas en los estados unidos. Pero tenía un sabor bueno. En España el almuerzo es la comida más importante. El almuerzo es la comida más grande, y la cena es un poco. Entonces, sola tenía una hamburguesa, nada más.
Hasta luego!


Today was another beautiful day. In the morning I had classes. For my first class my group went to a business and asked for their address and telephone number. All the people in my group were nervous so I talked by myself to the secretary. I think I spoke well. I like my first class more because I don’t like poetry much. But I am learning a lot in both classes. After lunch, Maddie and I walked around Segovia. We walked on a path with many green trees and ducks on the river. It was a great walk and I liked it. It was good exercise and good time outside in fantastic weather. I have a lot of homework. I thought before the trip that we wouldn’t have a lot. But I have time to complete it. But who likes homework, especially in Spain?

I worked on my homework for a little and after I went to the plaza mayor. There was a band with five men and they serenaded my friends and I. It was fun and funny. There were many children that danced in the street. How cute! I have noticed that Spaniards are friendly and always have a smile on their faces. Spain is a good country with great people.

For dinner tonight we had a hamburger. American food! It was definitely different than hamburgers in the United States. But it had a good taste. In Spain, lunch is the most important meal. Lunch is a big meal and dinner is small. Because of that, I only had a hamburger, nothing else.
See you later!
On our walk around Segovia


 The band playing in Plaza Mayor

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Two in Spain!

Today was the first day of classes, and it was a beautiful day to walk there! My first class was Business Spanish I think I´m going to like it. Our whole goal to is be able to speak outside class and be able to interact with and learn about businesses in the area. One assignment that we have is to visit a local business (mercado, cafe, etc.) and interview a person that works there and then present what you found to the class. We are also required to¨shadow" a person working at a local business.

My second class today went well today. Throughout the month we will be reading Spanish poetry as well as writing our own poetry! I think this will be an interesting class even though I’m not a big fan of poetry. After class, I ate lunch and then worked on my homework. Later, my roommate (Maddie) and I went for a walk around Segovia. I bought some of my first purchases! I bought some postcards and un cerdito (pig) to add to my collection at homeJ.  As we walked even further we realized that we made it to Alcazár. There is a huge castle there and it is beautiful. The weather was a little chilly, but the sun was shining! My KIIS group is actually taking an excursion to Alcazár in a few weeks, so I will tell you more about it once I learn more from my trip. On our way back to the house we ran into some other students at a restaurant outside. We joined them and I tried my first sangria. ¡Tuvo un sabor muy bueno! (It tasted good!) It was great to meet some new people and socialize.

I still get a little nervous when speaking in Spanish but I already feel like I;m improving. While writing this blog post, I’ve been thinking in Spanish and instead of English. I’m tempted to write my blog posts in Spanish, but I think I’ll stick to English so you can understand.
Buenas noches. 
 Aquaduct in Segovia

 Street in Segovia

 Beautiful Segovia

Maddie and I at Alcazár