Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a Sunday!

This morning, some friends and I decided to go to Mass at the Cathedral in Segovia. We were going to go at 10 am, but we found out that the mass times had changed because of the Festival week here, so we waited an hour until 11 am mass. When we were waiting we discovered that it was First Communion Sunday because we saw a bunch of boys and girls dressed up. 

The area for mass was full of kids and their parents. There were about 10 priests and the archbishop. It was a really pretty mass with music and I actually understood most of the homily. The communion part was a little confusing because only the children and some other people were receiving communion. And they started to say a prayer even before everybody had received communion. It was kind of odd. 

After mass there was a procession with all the children, priests, and a huge monstrance stand. Behind them was some Spanish military and then a band. It was so cool! I'm so glad that I decided to go to mass at the Cathedral and stay for the procession. It was such a great cultural experience.

On another note, of cultural experience....that isn't pleasant, I think I have bedbugs! My roommate and I both have bites ALL over our body. We aren't sure what it is. My Senora thinks it is bugs that came in through our window, or mosquitoes from outside. But I'm confused as to why I have so many. Senora sprayed our room with bug stuff and I wasn't allowed in my room for a few hours. I hope I figure out what it is..and get rid of it. Good thing I'm only here for a few more days because it's kind of grossing me out! 

Hasta Luego Amigos :)

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