Saturday, June 11, 2011

When in Spain

One thing that I really enjoyed the other day was eating dinner with Senora. It was just the two of us (I was the only one eating because she had already eaten). My two roommates were out and her husband had already eaten too. Before dinner even started I was a little nervous because I was going to have to talk and not let other people take over if I didn’t have anything to say. But it went really well I liked using my Spanish and telling her more about myself. She is understanding of my Spanish and helps me out if I don’t know a word or phrase. I hope it will happen again the future because it is great practice for my Spanish!

Yesterday (Friday) for lunch, my family’s son came over for lunch. He was really nice and his named was German (like Herman in US). He brought a dog with him!! She was so cute. She looked like a German Shepherd mix. She was so friendly and it made me miss Bailey! Her name was Dona or “Mrs.” in English. They told her “Dona fuera” when we were eating lunch which means “Out Dona”. She had the saddest face on because I could tell she wanted some scraps of food.

Another highlight lately is I have been having cake for the past two days for breakfast! It’s delicious. It is a plain pound cake. The other night she took it out at dinner for us to smell it, and I just assumed that she was serving it to us for dessert that night, but nope, for breakfast! In Spain they have a really small breakfast usually consisting of bread and butter/jelly. Also galletas or “cookies” in English. They also have coffee as well. So usually I have coffee and piece of toast for breakfast. And surprisingly it holds me over until lunch around 2 pm.

Today is the festival of Noche De Luna Llena (Night of the full moon). It is really busy here today and there will be events all over the city of Segovia. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing, but I’m sure I will have a lot of fun! This morning I went shopping with some friends. They had a feria where there are a bunch of vendors selling unique items from where they are from. It’s a gorgeous day here and later I went for a walk with Maddie around Alcazar. It is great to feel the sun, hear ducks quacking, and enjoy the free time!

 Bunch of Beach balls they are blowing up for Noche de Luna Llena
 Beautiful Day in Segovia!
Hard to tell, but I'm standing on the bridge.

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