Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Two in Spain!

Today was the first day of classes, and it was a beautiful day to walk there! My first class was Business Spanish I think I´m going to like it. Our whole goal to is be able to speak outside class and be able to interact with and learn about businesses in the area. One assignment that we have is to visit a local business (mercado, cafe, etc.) and interview a person that works there and then present what you found to the class. We are also required to¨shadow" a person working at a local business.

My second class today went well today. Throughout the month we will be reading Spanish poetry as well as writing our own poetry! I think this will be an interesting class even though I’m not a big fan of poetry. After class, I ate lunch and then worked on my homework. Later, my roommate (Maddie) and I went for a walk around Segovia. I bought some of my first purchases! I bought some postcards and un cerdito (pig) to add to my collection at homeJ.  As we walked even further we realized that we made it to Alcazár. There is a huge castle there and it is beautiful. The weather was a little chilly, but the sun was shining! My KIIS group is actually taking an excursion to Alcazár in a few weeks, so I will tell you more about it once I learn more from my trip. On our way back to the house we ran into some other students at a restaurant outside. We joined them and I tried my first sangria. ¡Tuvo un sabor muy bueno! (It tasted good!) It was great to meet some new people and socialize.

I still get a little nervous when speaking in Spanish but I already feel like I;m improving. While writing this blog post, I’ve been thinking in Spanish and instead of English. I’m tempted to write my blog posts in Spanish, but I think I’ll stick to English so you can understand.
Buenas noches. 
 Aquaduct in Segovia

 Street in Segovia

 Beautiful Segovia

Maddie and I at Alcazár 

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