Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day One in Spain

I have finally arrived in Madrid! I landed at 9:40 am local time. It was only a 7 hour flight, which went pretty fast. And the best part was I was BUSINESS CLASS! I had never ridden anything besides economy before and let me tell you it was a treat! When I first sat down they were offering me champagne. Also, I had a three course meal plus dessert (although I decided not to get dessert, sleep was more important). I had a reclining chair that went all the way down so I slept well for the most part. I was able to listen to all different kinds of music and watch new release movies. I watched some of How do you Know” but it wasn’t that great so I didn’t finish it.

Once I met up with the group we drove to Segovia to where I will be staying for the next month. I met my senora. She was very nice and welcoming and I met up with my two roommates as well. We arrived at the house and I was amazed at how pretty and spacious it was! It is located in the heart of Segovia and is on top shops. You can constantly hear people walking up and down the streets. For lunch we had salad and another mixture of food with chicken and vegetables. La senora asked me “Quieres el carne?” And I said “Si” because I think she asked “Do you like meat?” and I said “yes” but she was really asking “Do you want meat?” So senora ended up cooking a piece a meat personally for me, so I was a little embarrassed, but the meat actually tasted delicious (I believe it was pork). Later in the afternoon I took a nap and then went to KIIS Centro (place where I take my classes) and had reminders about classes and the trip. The Centro is right next to the huge cathedral. It’s beautiful, so I will get to see it every day!

Tomorrow I start my classes. One is 9-10:30 and the other 12:30-1:50. I’m excited but a little nervous about them too. 
 My Room for the next month
View from my room
 Other side of room
 Catedral en Segovia

KIIS Centro (where I will be taking my classes)


  1. Yay for blogging about Spain! We were just in Segovia last weekend and I loved it! Its such a pretty town. The Cathedral and Plaza Mayor is probably my favorite part, but all of the little streets were so cool too. That's so awesome that you're staying right above the street! Good luck with your classes! (PS I was lucky enough to fly business class too - how amazing that was!)

  2. Thanks Ryan! I´m loving it so far! I´ve read some of your blog too, and it seems like your having a great time. I saw that you went to an Ice Bar in Madrid? Where is that? It looked really cool and I wouldn´t mind going to it.