Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day at the Dog Park

Today Mom, Nick, and I took Bailey to the dog park. Bailey hadn't been to the dog park in a few weeks and I hadn't been since I was home for Spring Break. It was a beautiful morning here! Because it was so nice outside the dog park was busy. While we were there we saw two other Weimaraners! We always get so excited when we see other Weims because they aren't a very common dog and Bailey is just like them. We met two brothers: a four-year-old named Hunter and a puppy named Fenway. Hunter was big and Fenway was adorable! Below are some pictures from our time at the park:

 Dogs playing together. Fenway standing there.
 Three Weims in a line!
 Hunter and Fenway's owner offered Bailey a treat, but decided she didn't want one...
 Taking Bailey around the park
Resting on the couch after a tiring day at the park!

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