Sunday, May 29, 2011

İEspaña mañana!

Tomorrow I leave for Spain! I'm leaving my house at 3 pm to drive to JFK airport and my flight leaves at 7:50 pm. I will arrive in Madrid at 9:40 am (about 8 hours later). I'm really excited about my trip! Today I booked a hostel for one night our first weekend in Madrid. I'm going to keep updating my blog about all my experiences in Spain so feel free to follow and read often :) 

I will be taking two courses while I'm there. Business Spanish and Literature and Culture of Spain. I will let you know how each one of those classes goes. 

Here is my schedule:
MAY  30 :Departure from the US 
31: Arrival in Madrid , On-site orientation PM 
JUNE 1: Classes
2: Classes 
3 :Classes 
4: Excursion to Madrid
5: (Madrid) Free weekend 
8:Classes AM, Excursion to Toledo PM 
9: Classes 
10: Classes 
11:Free weekend
12: Free weekend 

13 Classes , Excursion to the Alcazár 
14: Classes 
15: Classes ,Start of long weekend in PM 
16 Long weekend (Possibly going to Barcelona)
17:Long weekend 
18:Long weekend
19:Long weekend 

20: Classes 
21: Classes 
22: Excursion to Salamanca AM 
23: Classes, Hogueras de San Juan
24: Classes 
25: Free weekend
26: Free day, Optional excursion to La Granja 

27: Classes 
28: Final exam 
29: Free, Fiesta de San Pedro 
30: Departure Madrid (arrive in US on same day) 

Where I will be staying: Segovia, Spain

Below is my address:
Erin Ruppelt c/o AMBITO 

C/ José Zorrilla  6 
40002 Segovia, Spain

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