Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anthem 5K 2014....PR!

The Anthem 5K was my quickest 5K yet!!  I definitely pushed myself. The beautiful (a little chilly) weather, my running buddy, and knowing it was only 3 miles made get my best time yet.

I ran it in 26:25 (according to my Garmin). The Anthem 5K official time said 26:58, but I think my watch is more accurate ;) although either way it's a PR. Here is the breakdown:

Mile 1= 8:45
Mile 2= 8:35
Mile 3= 8:19
Last .1= 0:49
Average: 8:30 min/mi pace

Sarah and I carpooled to the race and got there an hour early. Even though we were there an hour early it was good thing! There was so much traffic after we arrived that lots of people didn't even make it to the race on time because of it. When we were running the race, we saw people just showing up. They started the race 30 minutes late because of the traffic, which was annoying because we were standing around forever! The course wasn't as flat as I expected. There were a few hills that were a slight incline but kept going. Nothing compared to Iroquois though ;) The race went by fast and before I knew it, I was done! I wasn't paying attention to my pace. At the end I was running out of that's probably why I felt like I was dying during the last 1/2 mile or so. After we finished, we stocked up on snacks and drinks. Then we headed out to for another 4 mile run to get a long run in! 7 miles down today...not too shabby!
Sarah and I, pre-race (sorry I look like I just rolled out of bed!)

We finished! Yay!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and minus class, three girls in my class and I walked to pick up the t-shirt and tag for the race. It was quick and easy. I think the t-shirts are cute and I always can use a new long sleeve shirt. 

Up next...the Rhodes City Run 10K on March 8th!

MMT 2014 Week Seven

It was a great week :) I didn't run on the treadmill once this week! The weather was really nice this week. And this week concluded with an awesome 5K (Anthem 5K). Click here to read about that race! It was fun to run with Sarah, my running buddy for most of these runs. We went on two runs around downtown, Highlands area. It's always fun to run with other people and outside. 

WEEK 7: 
2-16-14: Ran/Walk 3.5 miles 43:33
2-17-14: Ran 4.5 miles 41:40, weight lifted 45 minutes 
2-18-14: Yoga class 50 minutes
2-19-14: Ran 5.75 miles 57:22
2-20-14: Yoga class 50 minutes, Ran/Walk 3.25 miles 38:05 
2-21-14: OFF
2-22-14: ANTHEM 5K 26:25 (PR!!)Ran 4 miles 39:38  

Total Mileage: 20 miles

I reached my goal of running a Personal Record for my 5K. Very proud :) My goal this week is to run equal to or more than I did this past week! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Music Monday: Bastille - Oblivion

I can't stop listening to Bastille!! I love them. I want to get their CD soon. This is one of my favorites off of their CD "Bad Blood"

Saturday, February 15, 2014

MMT 2014 Week Six

I survived! The snow and ice that is! This morning I went on a 8 mile run through Iroquois Park with lots of ice and snow. I'm glad that I didn't fall, although I slipped several times. 

My (frozen) face after the run.....

Excuse my weird expression...

It was a chilly 20 degrees during the 8 mile run this morning. My feet and hands were frozen at the beginning, but I finally warmed up and I enjoyed the run! I honestly think I could finish it because my legs were numb half the time...who knows? Iroquois Park is known for its hills so I ran around 5 miles of hills! Woohoo! And surprisingly I didn't die. 

This week started out a little rough. I was crunched for time and stressed earlier in the week so I let my workouts slip by. I went three days without running/working out, gasp! But after completing my 8 mile run today I know that taking a few days off won't kill me. Monday and Friday were snow days. Anyone else getting sick of the snow??? It's supposed to warm up this coming week which I'm excited about. Next week is the first leg of the Triple Crown, the Anthem 5K. I can't wait! :) 

This is how my week went...

2-9-14: weight lifted 45 minutes 
2-10-14: OFF
2-12-14: OFF
2-13-14: Yoga class 50 minutes, Ran/Walk 3 miles 35:06 (TM), elliptical 25 minutes 
2-14-14: Ran 4 miles (with 10 min of sprint/walk) 43:36 (TM) 
2-15-14: Ran 8 miles 1:19:28 

Total Mileage: 15 miles

I reached my goal of a 7 mile run for the week! My goal for week seven is to make the Anthem 5K my quickest 5K yet. I need to push myself for sure!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

MMT 2014 Week Five

I can't believe we are well into February now. February 22nd is the first race of the Triple Crown! Not too much longer. This is where I spent ALL of my workouts this week....

No running outside this week. You know why? MORE snow! Ugh. I can't wait for warmer weather! This week was really good. I got up to 15 miles total and completed another 6 mile run. Making progress! The one thing about running on the treadmill at the gym is the Olympics have started. I now have something interesting to watch on TV. I did try a Pilates class at the gym this week and it wasn't good. A little disappointed. I think I'm going to stick to my Yoga. 

2-2-14: Ran 2 miles 20:00  weight lifted 60 minutes 
2-3-14: OFF
2-4-14:Yoga Class 50 minutes
2-5-14: Ran 3 miles 30:22 (TM), Pilates 50 minutes
2-6-14: Yoga class 50 minutes, Ran/Walk 4 miles 44:00 (TM)
2-7-14: Ran 6 miles (with 20 min of sprint/walk) 1:03:08 (TM), 25 minutes elliptical 
2-8-14: 55 minutes cardio/weight circuit 

Total Mileage: 15 miles

I reached my goal of 15 miles for the week. My goal for week six is to run 7 miles. Let's so this! 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

MMT 2014 Week Four

I did my longest run yet! 6 miles!

I did well and it felt good! 

This week was super busy for me. I started going to my school to give therapy (Tuesdays and Fridays), had two exams, and had two papers due. No much relaxing this week. I managed to squeeze in workouts during the week. The run on Wednesday was actually next to my friend on the treadmill while we quizzed each other. Multi-tasking at its best. On Saturday I finally was able to try a group run put on by Norton Sports Health Training Program. This program is offered every year but this is the first time that I've participated. Bascially every Tuesday and Saturday they offer group runs where they already set up the course and distance with water stations. Almost like a mini race, which is very motivating. There were over 100 people yesterday! They had a 4, 6, 8, and 12 mile option. I chose the 6 and glad that I did. I ended up running a total of 6.2 miles at a 9:20 pace. I was very proud of myself :) especially since it included some hills through Cherokee Park. Overall I think this was a good week and I hope that I can keep it up this next coming week.  

1-16-14: Ran 1 mile, 20 minutes elliptical, weight lifted 50 minutes 
1-27-14: Ran 3 miles 28:45 (TM)
1-28-14:Yoga Class 50 minutes
1-29-14: Ran 3 miles 28:26 (TM), Weight lifted 60 minutes,

1-30-14: Yoga class 50 minutes
2-1-14: Ran 6 miles 56:00 (Group run Seneca/Cherokee Park)

Total Mileage: 13 miles

My goal from week three was to run 15 miles total....that didn't happen but let's see if I can do it this week! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo Dump: 2-1-14

Here are some pictures that have been taken on my phone in the past couple of weeks. Thought I would share so you have an idea as to what I've been up to and other interesting things....

Poor Pen got spayed. She gets to wear a cone for a couple of weeks 
She had trouble sitting. I love receiving messages like this from my family :)
Free t-shirt for joining the mini-marathon training group. It's quite large even though it says "small"
Found this at Kroger. DELICIOUS!! Great after a workout!
Yep, below 0 temperatures kill me, especially when walking to class 
Funny Snapchat before the game...(I know I'm weird)
UofL Game!!! Too bad we lost against Cincy :(