Saturday, February 22, 2014

MMT 2014 Week Seven

It was a great week :) I didn't run on the treadmill once this week! The weather was really nice this week. And this week concluded with an awesome 5K (Anthem 5K). Click here to read about that race! It was fun to run with Sarah, my running buddy for most of these runs. We went on two runs around downtown, Highlands area. It's always fun to run with other people and outside. 

WEEK 7: 
2-16-14: Ran/Walk 3.5 miles 43:33
2-17-14: Ran 4.5 miles 41:40, weight lifted 45 minutes 
2-18-14: Yoga class 50 minutes
2-19-14: Ran 5.75 miles 57:22
2-20-14: Yoga class 50 minutes, Ran/Walk 3.25 miles 38:05 
2-21-14: OFF
2-22-14: ANTHEM 5K 26:25 (PR!!)Ran 4 miles 39:38  

Total Mileage: 20 miles

I reached my goal of running a Personal Record for my 5K. Very proud :) My goal this week is to run equal to or more than I did this past week! 

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