Saturday, February 22, 2014

Anthem 5K 2014....PR!

The Anthem 5K was my quickest 5K yet!!  I definitely pushed myself. The beautiful (a little chilly) weather, my running buddy, and knowing it was only 3 miles made get my best time yet.

I ran it in 26:25 (according to my Garmin). The Anthem 5K official time said 26:58, but I think my watch is more accurate ;) although either way it's a PR. Here is the breakdown:

Mile 1= 8:45
Mile 2= 8:35
Mile 3= 8:19
Last .1= 0:49
Average: 8:30 min/mi pace

Sarah and I carpooled to the race and got there an hour early. Even though we were there an hour early it was good thing! There was so much traffic after we arrived that lots of people didn't even make it to the race on time because of it. When we were running the race, we saw people just showing up. They started the race 30 minutes late because of the traffic, which was annoying because we were standing around forever! The course wasn't as flat as I expected. There were a few hills that were a slight incline but kept going. Nothing compared to Iroquois though ;) The race went by fast and before I knew it, I was done! I wasn't paying attention to my pace. At the end I was running out of that's probably why I felt like I was dying during the last 1/2 mile or so. After we finished, we stocked up on snacks and drinks. Then we headed out to for another 4 mile run to get a long run in! 7 miles down today...not too shabby!
Sarah and I, pre-race (sorry I look like I just rolled out of bed!)

We finished! Yay!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and minus class, three girls in my class and I walked to pick up the t-shirt and tag for the race. It was quick and easy. I think the t-shirts are cute and I always can use a new long sleeve shirt. 

Up next...the Rhodes City Run 10K on March 8th!

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