Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Friday Night in Segovia

This week in Segovia is festival week for San Juan and San Pedro. They have numerous activities and events going on everyday. On Thursday there was a "hoguera" (bonfire) in Plaza Mayor and the tradition is you throw a piece of paper in the fire with a "deseo" or wish that you have. It was pretty neat! 

Friday night I went with a bunch of people to watch a show that was in front of the Aqueduct. It was kind of like CIRQUE DU SOLEILThere were acrobats with extravagant and crazy costumes. It was really cool to see. After we walked up to the Plaza Mayor for a concert at midnight. The Spanish band D'NASH was performing. It was a group of 3 guys probably in their 20's, that kind of reminded me like a teeny bopper band, but they were GREAT! All the guys could dance and sing really well. On top of it we were in the front row, so we were close to the stage. After hearing them I wanted to buy their CD, but unfortunately they weren't selling any. I think I might have to download them off of itunes :). We stayed out until 1:30 and headed back home. It was such a FUN night! Live concerts are great (free too!) and I can't wait to see what's going on tonight in Segovia! 

 La Hoguera
 Show Friday Night

No te vas a reir de mi by: D'NASH

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