Monday, June 27, 2011

Fountains Galore

On Saturday we had an optional excursion that we could go on to La Granja, Spain. It is only a 25 minute bus ride from Segovia. It's a small city that is known for its beautiful Palace that the King and Queen lived during the summer months. Meredith, Megan, Sarita, Kamyla, Director of the program, Lisa, and I went. It was a small group but it was still a lot of fun and I'm really glad that I went. 

We stayed for an afternoon for a tour in the Palace and to watch four fountains shoot water. The inside of the Palace was huge, there was even a long hallway with rooms attached just for the Queen to go for walks! The view out of each window was beautiful as well because there is a big garden that is probably miles long with flowers and lots of fountains. On Saturday, they started the "fountain show" at 5:30 and we moved from one fountain to the next. There were hundreds of people out to watch and many children in their swimsuits because sometimes the fountains sprayed so far onto the sidewalks. It was really pretty and refreshing to get a little wet because it was so hot outside. 

On another note, today was my last day of classes and tomorrow is our final exams. I leave on Thursday to go home and I'm a little sad to leave Spain, but I'm excited to be home in my own bed and with my family. Also, I officially have bed bugs and all my stuff is infected. So today I moved into another room and bought a few new clothes to wear for the next few days. They are coming to spray our room with chemicals and then I will have to pack all that stuff up, take it home, and wash everything in really HOT water. I can now say I've been to a Spanish hospital and have experienced bed bugs, two things I never thought I'd experience. It's all an adventure!

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