Thursday, June 30, 2011

Highlights of Spain

Right now I'm sitting in the "first class lounge" in the Madrid airport. Thanks Dad for having so many miles and me be able to fly first class :). I still have about 4 hours until my flight leaves so I decided to take advantage of the internet and update my blog. In one of my journals I have been keeping track of the highlights while I've been in Spain. Here they are... (I may have to go back and add some later)

1. Business class on the way to Madrid (and of course on the way back home)

2. Row boats in Parque del Retiro in Madrid

3. Meeting some many nice other college students who love Spanish

4. Eating dinner alone with my Senora

5. Calling Jesus to set up a time to visit him at the Pasteleria (all in Spanish!)

6. The interview with Jesus, plus free pastries!

7. Discoteca in Barcelona

8. Beach in Barcelona

9. The delicious food that Senora makes for every meal

10. Catholic Mass in the Cathedral- First Communion and Corpus Christi

11. Running severel mornings with Meredith

12. Senora and Senor helping me with a paper

13. Going to the Hospital in Segovia (not really exciting, but I'll never forget it!)

14. Festival week- with fireworks and circus soliel

15. Walking on the path around Alcazar

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