Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Live with Kelly and Michael

Today was the day for Live with Kelly and Michael! This show is on ABC on 9 am EST every weekday. I've seen it several times and I was very excited to be part of the audience. My Mom received 4 tickets. My Mom and I went with a wife of a guy that works for my Dad, and her daughter as well. We left the house at 5 am this morning since we drove and wanted to beat the traffic. We arrived a little before 7. We stopped to grab a drink and something to eat, then we waited in line for about an hour an half until showtime! 

The studio was really nice! The only downside was we were at a weird angle, in the second row but far from the center. We could see Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan easily, but it was harder to see the guests because they were facing the other way. As usual, the show started with current events/interesting music. They also had their daily trivia when someone calls in and answers a question and wins a trip. If they get the answer right one audience member will win a prize. I got #100, which I thought was pretty lucky...but no, the guy said #15. Boo! The two guests were Jessica Chastain from The Help and Zero Dark Thirty and Busy Phillips from Cougartown. They both seemed very friendly. After, they had a woman talk about saving money for the New Year. I really enjoyed this show! Better than The View, I thought! Kelly and Michael seem like very sincere people. They joked around during commercial breaks, gave hugs, and signed some autographs. The women were crazy about Michael. It was a great morning!

Jessica Chastain

Busy Phillips

Michael signed her NY Giants jersey

Me, Mom, Rose, and Kacie

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