Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We WON runner-up from SFLA!

YAYAYAYAY! Hilltoppers for Life won the Runner-Up Group of the Year at the Students for Life of America Conference. This is HUGE for us and very exciting. SFLA is the largest pro-life student organization in the WORLD. We were honored and happy to receive this award! HFL has only been in existence for 3 years and we have made lots of progress in our pro-life efforts. Six members and I were at the SFLA conference to receive the award. Our president, John Sohl was called up to stage to receive it, while the rest of us cheered at the top of our lungs in the audience, among the other 2,000 pro-life students. This award stands out because they created it for US. They normally only have one group of the year award. They decided to create a runner-up because they knew we needed an award for all of our efforts this past year. Just wait and see what else Hilltoppers for Life has in the future. We definitely are the pro-life generation abolishing abortion!

Here is the link from the article from SFLA's website:

"Runner-up for Group of the Year: Hilltoppers for Life from Western Kentucky University
Hilltoppers for Life really wanted to wake up their campus and do it in a big way. This past spring, they got serious about confronting their peers with the reality and harshness of abortion. They decided to host a Life Week, with a Cemetery of the Innocents and a week’s worth of activism. They took what used to be a football stadium, and covered the bleachers in red and black cloth to spell out “LIFE,” and made 3,300 crosses out of popsicle sticks to represent the 3,300 babies killed by abortion every day in America. Life Week included speakers from Silent No More, an outdoor screening of Juno, and engaging students through various educational displays.
At the very end of the week, in the middle of the night, an art student walked up to the display and started placing condoms over all of the crosses. Luckily, students from the group were outside, keeping a vigil, and immediately confronted the vandal, who insisted she had a right to desecrate the crosses they had created. Campus security wouldn’t do anything to stop the vandalism either and eventually the student left on her own, but the damage had been done. This group courageously stood up to their school administration and faced down overwhelming animosity from their peers to defend their rights and those of the pre-born.
Hilltoppers for Life followed that up this fall by bringing Created Equal to campus, chalking pro-life messages every month, holding weekly meetings, and the first ever 40 Days for Love campaign, working to turn the tide of sexual immorality and to instill a culture of love and life among all people. For their courage in fighting the abortion culture, SFLA congratulates Hilltoppers for Life!"
HFL: Cassidy, John, Zach, Maggie, Matt, Kevin, and Me
There was also an article written in our school's newspaper. Click here for the article from The Herald. 
This past weekend has been an AMAZING experience. I will tell more about the March for Life and Students for Life of America Conference :) Check for posts soon! 

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