Monday, January 21, 2013

Mini Marathon Training (3) plus back in KY!

Erin is back in Kentucky! Woohoo! I love spending time at home with my family, but I was ready to get back to see everyone and begin my final undergrad semester. I had a (really!) great first weekend back. 

My flight arrived in Nashville around noon on Friday and my roomie, Hannah picked me up. It was good to catch up with her! I then spent a little bit in Bowling Green, unpacking, went for a run, and then was on my way to meet up with Kevin in Owensboro. Once I got there, we left right away to head to Louisville. We met up with my high school friends. I was happy to see them because it had been awhile! My birthday was on the 16th, so it was kind of a celebration in a way. We went to 4th street for a few hours and then spent the night with my friend Brie. The next day Kevin and I went shopping in Louisville and then went back to Owensboro. That night we had a game night and watched movie with some friends. Oh yeah, and it was Kevin's birthday, Happy Birthday! On Sunday we went to mass and then hung out and watched football. Now it's Monday, the day before my last semester as an undergrad, what?! Time flies by fast! I'm ready to start this semester and learn lots of new things. 

My friend, Maura and I 
Maura, Brie, and I 
And of course, since I'm still training for the mini-marathon in April, I wanted to update you on my running. Not too shabby this week! Friday was my first outside run of 2013. It felt good to run in the fresh air. I'm ready to run regularly outside AND with my running buddy, Hannah! 

Here's a recap of the second week:
1-13-13: Ran 5 miles 51:49
1-14-13: Weight class 60 minutes, elliptical 30 minutes
1-15-13: Gym Fit Class 60 minutes, Ran 2 miles 20:49, Walked 30 minutes
1-16-13: Ran 2.5 miles 25:48, Elliptical 30 minutes
1-17-13: Weight class 60 minutes
1-18-13: Ran 3 miles 28:42, Elliptical 20 minutes
1-19-12: OFF 

Total mileage: 12.5 

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