Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bye Bye Hair!

I FINALLY donated my hair! My hair has been long for WAY too long. I donated 10 inches after growing my hair for almost two years. My head feels so much lighter and it definitely looks better than the plain long straight hair I had. 

I'm donating to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They will use my hair to make a wig for a cancer patient. You need at least 8 inches. I decided to use this organization because they have the lowest minimum requirement (Locks of Love you need 12 inches) and I wasn't about to grow my hair out any longer! It is simple process. Go to any hairdresser to have your haircut and then you will mail in your ponytail. That easy! I donated my hair back in August 2008 and sent my name along with my hair. A few weeks later they mailed a thank you note, which was nice! I plan on doing the same thing. 
This first time I donated in 2008. 

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  1. Love your new do! My mom went through chemo over the summer and wig shopping was one of the hardest things we had to do. Thank you for the donation!