Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 2 Mini-Marathon Training 2013

Week two down. I'm happy that I got a few runs in this week, but for some reason I wasn't feeling it much this week, so they were slower than I would have liked. But practice makes perfect, right? I'm tired of running on the treadmill so I'm ready for running outside in KY. I'm hoping that my toes will finally get better too! I'm okay to run on them, but I can't bend them. I can't do lunges/push-ups/planks without them hurting. It's been two weeks since my injury too, geeze! 

Now for a stupid story to share. On Friday when I ran on the treadmill at the gym, I bumped my MP3 player and it fell through the treadmill. I put it on the highest incline to see if I could see it underneath, but no luck. So, I went to the front desk and tell them. A personal trainer came over to help me look for it and he tried to take it apart. Finally, he pulled the treadmill forward and we found it, yay! I continued my run while the trainer got on the treadmill next to mine. And what do you know, I do it again! The trainer looks at me with this "what the heck?!" face and said "You just did it again, didn't you?" I was embarrassed! But luckily this time it landed on top of the treadmill. Thank goodness! I think that treadmill was unlucky. That run definitely had some breathers in it. 

Here's a recap of the second week:
1-6-13: OFF 
1-7-13: Weight class 60 minutes 
1-8-13: OFF  
1-9-13: Ran 3 miles 29:49, Elliptical 40 minutes
1-10-13: Weight class 60 minutes, elliptical 30 minutes 
1-11-13: Ran 3 miles 30:00, Elliptical 20 minutes
1-12-12: Ran 3.5 miles 36:00, Walked on TM 30 minutes (hills)

Total mileage: 9.5 

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  1. OMG! Crazy! Glad you found it! lol