Monday, January 7, 2013

This and That

Sometimes I feel like my blog is feast or famine around here for posts. During school I either don't have time to blog or there is nothing interesting going on besides that would be my famine time. During breaks though, like right now I have lots of things to blog about. Probably because I do exciting things with my family or I have more time to contemplate what I should blog about. As you will see this will be my second post of the day! Weird, huh? Looks like in 2013 my blog will be on fire! 

Now for a this and that post...

1. On Saturday my boyfriend, Kevin, sent me beautiful flowers and a little box of chocolates. It was very sweet of him! They are displayed in the kitchen and they smell so good!

2. My Mom and I dropped Nick off at school in Boston on Sunday. It was actually a nice day. Not too windy! We ate lunch at P.F. Changs. It was delicious as usual. That is probably the last time I will see Nick until May. So sad!

3. This is really random, but I had a picture for it so I thought I would share. My Dad is really proud of his bird feeders in the backyard. It's only a few feet away from our window, but he really gets into it and sometimes will use binoculars! We do get pretty birds that come around. He is convinced though that it is only birds that eat the food....but no. Squirrels take advantage and today I captured it on my camera! I have proof to show my Dad because he's in denial. Ha!

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