Saturday, April 28, 2012

RECAP: Louisville Mini-Marathon!

I RAN THE LOUISVILLE MINI-MARATHON TODAY!!! YAY! I feel happy and so accomplished. All the weeks of training have paid off! I demolished those 13.1 miles!

Friday afternoon, my friends (Hannah and Amanda) and I headed up to Louisville. Our first stop was the Convention Center to pick up our packets. They included our bibs with number, t-shirts, freebies, and lots of fliers!

Hannah and Amanda
Amanda and I. Amanda....I think your number is sideways!
Me posing for a camera picture to send my Mom! (That's the route on my right)

After the packet pick-up we headed to Amanda's for the night. We ate dinner at her house. And YES we loaded up on carbs. We got Domino's- I got a bread bowl with pasta = MAJOR carbs...let's just say I was stuffed last night. We went to bed around 10 pm, but I was really anxious so I'm sure I didn't really fall asleep until later.

Woke up at 5:30 am. I hopped right out of bed this morning while everybody else didn't want to get up! I was ready to go! I ate some breakfast and we were out of the house at 6:30am. And before we left of course we had to take some pictures...

Hannah doing her pose
Running Buddies :)
Our strong muscles pose! Becca, Hannah, Me, Kristen, and Amanda
We made it to the starting line with 25 minutes left for the race to start. We stood like sardines waiting for it to start...freaking out at the same time! Finally the race started and we were off! I was feeling great the entire race! Nothing on me was hurting and my breathing was fine. I started out with Hannah and Kristen, but Kristen ended up running quicker than us (which she beat us all..GO Kristen!). Hannah and I were running at a decent pace until mile 6, then we slowed down a bit. But Hannah ran the whole way which was AWESOME!! WE DID IT! Our time was 2:16:00. Surprisingly it wasn't my slowest mini-marathon time either, which made me feel better! Honestly, at the end of the race I felt like I could run longer (is that what runner's high feels like?)

One side comment about the race was, the route was different than the last time I ran it (in 2009). The last time I ran it, the route went through Iroquois Park, which is SUPER hilly....this race seemed like cake compared  to the last time I ran it, no hills!

Since I wasn't going to hold my camera the whole way I have no photos from after the race...but others took pictures, so hopefully I will be able to upload them soon. 

I'm so proud to say I completed my 4th mini-marathon (my first one since college). I've already decided that I am running next year! Sometimes it's hard to describe the feeling of completing a mini so I think you would have to experience it to understand. Anybody want to join me?

My Bib #
Clock Time: 2:21:33
Chip Time: 2:16:00 (real time)
Overall Place
6067 (out of 18,000)     

Sex Place: 2687
Age Division Place: 342

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