Sunday, April 1, 2012


Friday evening through Saturday night I went on the Catholic Center's retreat at Gasper River Retreat Center. The theme of it was community. Growing through our faith as a community... 

This retreat was different from many other ones that I have been on. We only had two main talks which is a lot less compared to last retreats. We did a lot more activities as a group to build community and to get to know one another. Also, I didn't have any part of planning or putting on a talk this retreat. It was nice to go with the flow and anticipate what was to happen next without knowing. 

So what did we do?
- Introduction Talk (wasn't there because I came late....)
- Games
- Stations of the Cross outside in the dark
- Bonfire
- Adoration
- Small group sharing
- Bedtime

- Morning Prayer
- Breakfast
- Ropes course/team building
- Lunch
- Praying the rosary outside
- Jacob's Ladder 
- Talk about Holy Week
- Free Time/Dinner (played 9-square which was fun!)
- Reflection
- Palm Sunday Mass 
- Back to WKU!

Trust Fall during the Ropes Course (Photo thanks to Sam)
Some things learned:
- Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are other people who are wiser and would be willing to help you whenever you need it.
- Get to know others you don't know and welcome them to the community. 
- We all have a role in the community- whether we know it or not.
- God needs us and as much as we need him.

Highlights for me:
- Adoration: This one my first time doing this for an hour. It was great to reflect, talk to God, and write/read in my prayer journal
- Rosary: Rosary walk outside where each bead is represented by a rock. I had never seen anything like it. It was cool to see everybody participate and pray as a community.
- Ropes Course: Fun to "play" and work together in the beautiful weather. Great chats as to how each activity relates to our faith and community. 

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