Saturday, April 21, 2012


WOW! It has been a week with WKU Hilltoppers for Life (Pro-life group on campus). We have been planning this past week (April 16-20) for months now! It was an amazing week that got our name out there and our pro-life message. Our main ordeal was putting a cemetery of the innocents up on the colonnades (old football stadium bleachers) that would hold almost 4,000 crosses that would represent the number of aborted babies each day in the United States.  Here is what the week looked like:

Sunday April 15th: Skyped wtih Students for Life of America rep that talked to us about approaching and talking to people while our "LIFE" display will be up the entire week. He told us to contact him anytime during the week if we had any questions or problems. From 2pm until 6am the NEXT day we set up the cemetery of the innocents. It took us FOREVER but it looked awesome! 

Monday April 16th: Tabling- we had a table with literature and anybody who had questions we talked to. We also had two white boards that had questions on them that students and faculty could respond to. "When does life begin" "What is your opinion on abortion?" "What should WKU do for pregnant women?" ...and I can't remember the fourth question at the moment. 

Tuesday April 17th: Same thing as Monday...another side note: someone was out there 24 hrs/day to make sure our display was not vandalized.

Wednesday April 18th: Same as Monday and Tuesday...PLUS prayer vigil at 8pm. It was so cool to see candles placed on the LIFE letters of our display. We had a great turnout, we said numerous prayers for all those effected by abortions, and a reflection given by Father Mike. We were also featured in the Herald about it!! 'Cemetery of the Innocent'

Thursday April 19th: What a beautiful day it was with all the sunshine! Once again we had tabling. At 4 pm we started a "Life Fest." We had games going and we were handing out free popsicles. Some were friendly while others weren't. At 9pm we showed the movie Juno, which has a great pro-life message.

Then there is Friday early morning....DUN DUN DUN Two students (led by one) decided that they were going to "add" something to our Life display for an art project. Check out this post: LIFE WEEK: Friday Morning to hear about what exactly happened. We took it down shortly after.

But overall, this week has been SO successful! I am very proud of my group Hilltoppers for Life. We worked so hard and I think we have shown WKU what we are all about! I can't wait to see what great things we will be doing next semester.

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