Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last Week (17) of Mini-Marathon Training

LAST WEEK!!! I know this is a little late..but I really didn't have time to update how the last week went, because the last day of the week was the RACE! On Saturday when I ran the 10 miles, my foot started hurting again. When I ran on Tuesday it really started to hurt! 4 Days before the race...ahh! I was nervous and knew I shouldn't push myself. 

I hate injuries.The End. (The good news is it got better).

My Week:
4-22-12 (Sunday): Rest

4-23-12 (Monday):  Ran 2 miles  20:41, elliptical 15 minutes   
4-24-12 (Tuesday):  Ran 4.5 miles 45:00, elliptical 20 minutes, weight lifted 25 minutes  
4-25-12 (Wednesday):  
Elliptical 50 minutes   
4-26-12 (Thursday):    Ran 1 mile 10:33 (morning) + Ran 3 miles 30:45 (evening), elliptical 25 minutes, weight lifted 20 minutes 
4-27-12 (Friday):  Rest

4-28-12 (Saturday):  THE RACE! Check out this post to see how it went: RECAP: Louisville Mini-Marathon

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