Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week Two- Mini Marathon Training

Week two of training complete! This week didn't go as well as I have planned because I didn't run as much as I would have liked. I hurt my foot during the end of week 1 so it hurt to run plus I didn't want to injury it more. The good thing though is I continued to go to the gym and workout! Today, I went for a 4-mile run which was great because I was a little worried that not running this week I wouldn't be able to complete it, but I DID! The bad news is my foot still hurts and I may have injured it some more :/ I bought a ankle brace which helped some, but I think the injury is more than that....

Here's what my week looked like:
1-8-12 (Sunday): 60 minute elliptical/run/walk 
1-9-12 (Monday): 60 minute weight class
1-10-12 (Tuesday): 60 minute weight/cardio class 
1-11-12 (Wednesday): Ran 1 mile 11:22 + elliptical 45 minutes 
1-12-12 (Thursday): 60 minute weight class 
1-13-12 (Friday): 60 minute step class
1-14-12 (Saturday): Ran 4 miles 42:01 

This upcoming week will be my last week at home for winter break. I hope I can maintain all this exercise when I head back to school for second semester. My Mom has been a great gym buddy :) I'm looking forward to training with five other friends once I get back! 

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