Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A New Semester #2

Yesterday went just as good as Monday. I had three classes: Language Disorders, Aural Rehabilitation, and Spanish. 
My two Communication Disorders classes are going to be good! I am interested in both of the topics and I like both of the professors. I had no idea how this Spanish class was going to be like, and it was a surprise. The class is called HONORS: Hispanic Intervention Project. It is a continuation of two previous classes. I was in the first class where we made surveys to give to Hispanic middle and high school students (in both Spanish and English). Our goal was to figure out why Hispanic students are not attending college (specifically WKU) and how we can help them. The class this semester is focused on taking action. It was a little confusing as to what exactly we are doing is this class because we never got a syllabus (weird, right?). So I guess we are going to find a solution to help these students out. My professor caught me off guard and said "Erin, can you describe what happened in the first class?" I said...."Ok" And then I went on to explain what we did, hoping what I said made sense. (All in Spanish of course!!). I'm looking forward to learning more Spanish and improving on my abilities. 

Do you know what the best part of my day was? RUNNING with my friend Hannah! This was the first time that I ran outside (In I don't know how long). But I ran almost four miles and it felt great! It was in the mid-50's so it was perfect running weather. I look forward to running more outside- with my friends and increasing my distances. 

I also got to eat dinner with two of my friends, which ended the day great!

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