Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sometimes there are times that I don't know what to blog about....but I thought about something! I'm not sure why, but it seems like so many people are studying abroad in Spain right now. I'm Facebook friends with many of them and they are constantly adding photos of their experience. I have to say it is making me a little jealous and really miss Spain. Also, these people are going for an entire semester, not only a month like I did! 

Anyways....I thought I would publish this blog post that I found in my drafts and discovered that I never hit the publish button! But here it is...all about Comida de España (Spanish Food). 

Some food I've eaten:

Tortilla de Patatas (Egg and Potatoes)
Zuchnni and cheese soup
Baby cow with veggies and rice
Chickpeas (garbanzo) with rice spaniach, broth in a soup with fish sticks
Paella (Rice, Veggies, and Seafood)
Jamón (Ham) Obviously I've had ham before, but let me tell you, it's upscale in Spain. I ate several ham and butter sandwiches (interesting..) made by my Señora. Also, did I tell you there was an entire pig's leg on the kitchen counter one morning, yep!
Cafe con leche (mucho!): This is what I had for breakfast EVERYDAY. Their coffee is really strong, so of course I needed to add sugar and milk :) 

Mazapán  (sugar and almond meal). These were especially made by the nuns in Toledo. ¡Delicioso! 
Pasteles (sweets!) These were from right down the street in Segovia. I bought these for my roommate's birthday.

Ponche Segoviana (Sugar, flour, egg, and cream) SO GOOD!

Churros con chocolate (por supuesto)

Did anybody else notice that I only took pictures of sweets? :) This shows how much I love them! Now I'm going to dream some more about Spain....

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