Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week Three- Mini Marathon Training

Week Three complete! I didn't do as much running as I would have liked because once again my foot was hurting :/ I hope this upcoming week is better. This week was busy so I actually took some rest days. 

Here's what my week looked like:
1-15-12 (Sunday): Ran 1 mile 10:50, 45 minute cardio
1-16-12 (Monday): 60 minute weight class
1-17-12 (Tuesday):  Ran 2 miles 20:16
1-18-12 (Wednesday): 60 minute bike  
1-19-12 (Thursday): Rest
1-20-12 (Friday): Ran 1 mile 11:01, 60 minute step class
1-21-12 (Saturday): Rest 

Let's see how my foot does this week. Plus I will get to start running with my friends! :)

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