Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week One- Mini-Marathon Training

Did you know I'm training for a mini-marathon in April? Well, I am! I'm excited because I will be running with some girls from school. This will be my fourth mini-marathon (I ran one in 2007, 2008, 2009). I think we are planning to run the Nashville Rock n Roll Mini-marathon on April 28th. (There is a slim possibility that we may do the Louisville mini on the same day instead, who knows!) 

Below is how my week went. I wrote out a schedule and either followed it or even did extra miles! (I will post the schedule on another post):

1-1-12 (Sunday): Run/Walk 2 miles 24:42
1-2-12 (Monday: 60 minute weight class
1-3-12 (Tuesday): Ran 2 miles 22:01
1-4-12 (Wednesday): Ran 4 miles 44:20
1-5-12 (Thursday): 60 minute weight class 
1-6-12 (Friday): 60 minute step class
1-7-12 (Saturday): Ran 3 miles 32:35 

It was a full week, but I'm ready for next week! My times are a little slow but I'm hoping to improve as time goes on. I'm going to focus more on running the distance because I think that's more important than speed right now ;) 

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