Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week Four- Mini Marathon Training

It's been a month (almost) since I started training. And I have to say I think week 4 went well. This was my first week back at school so I was a little worried as to how my schedule was going to go, especially coordinating with my friends (who are training too). But it worked out great! By the way, I think my foot is almost completely healed so it didn't bother me too much this week! yay!

Here's what my week looked like:
1-22-12 (Sunday): 50 minutes elliptical 
1-23-12 (Monday): Ran 2.5 miles 26:52, weight lifted 20 minutes
1-24-12 (Tuesday):  Ran 3.8 miles 42:56, elliptical 35 minutes 
1-25-12 (Wednesday): 35 minutes elliptical, weight lifted 15 minutes   
1-26-12 (Thursday): 45 minutes elliptical 
1-27-12 (Friday): Ran 3 miles 31:46, weight lifted 20 minutes
1-28-12 (Saturday): Ran 4 miles 47:22, weight lifted 20 minutes (we had to slow down for the whole group, that's why the run was a longer time) 

The best part about these runs...they were outside! It's been in the 50's here, so it's been great running weather. Also, I ran with THREE friends today (Saturday) it was awesome, and great company! Hope I keep up at this rate and increase my distances!

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