Saturday, March 22, 2014

Papa John's 10 Miler 2014

I PRed again!! Papa John's 10 Miler is complete, and I survived! 

This year's Triple Crown was a success because I PRed in all three races! (Anthem 5K and Rodes City Run 10K

The 10 Miler was a little rough for several reasons: my shins, quads, and hips hurt, as well as running through hilly Iroquois Park. I only ran one other time this week, (on Monday) because I was getting shin splints and I thought I should rest before the race. Even though I did, my shins hurt for the first 4 miles. Afterwards, my quads and hip started to hurt. I ended up stopping to stretch three times during the last couple of miles. I think those hills in Iroquois got to me!

I think coming out of the hills was the worst part, I was struggling the last 3 miles. I sure did push myself. 

So as others racing may have noticed..this race was actually around 10.2 miles, more than 10 miles!! So I'm going according to my GPS watch to tell me what my 10 miles was like :)

Here is my breakdown: 
Mile 1: 9:06
Mile 2: 9:01 
Mile 3: 9:23
Mile 4: 9:20**
Mile 5: 9:35**
Mile 6: 9:26**
Mile 7: 8:55
Mile 8: 9:30
Mile 9: 9:18
Mile 10: 9:15
Total: 1:32:54

** means hills!! 

Average pace: 9:17

Me, Joan, and Sarah 

We finished!



  1. Iroquois Park was sort of a playground for me and my friends back in the 1940s. Two things I remember most. One - my bicycle chain came off coming down the hill so I didn't have any brakes. I stopped when I hit a tree. The other was when we got lost on the lower road on the backside. Two soldiers in a jeep (that was during WWII) took us home. I never ran up the hill. It was tough enough going up on a bicycle.
    Don Wachtel

    1. Great stories! Those hills are always a killer. I'm sure riding up the hills are just as bad as running!

    2. I don't ever remember making it to the top on my bike, maybe 1/2 way at most.