Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rodes City Run 10K

I completed the second leg of the Triple Crown....Rodes City Run 10K. 

I PRed too!!! Even though I have ran a 10K one other time before (like 4 years ago!) I still beat my time by 3 minutes! I really pushed myself. You know you pushed yourself when you have thoughts such as "why do I run again?", "I may throw up" "I can't breathe". But it all ended well and I'm proud of my accomplishment. 

Here's the breakdown...

Final time (according to my Garmin)= 55:18, 8:55 min/mi pace 
- Mile 1= 8:44
- Mile 2= 8:55
- Mile 3= 8:38
- Mile 4= 8:56
- Mile 5 = 9:10
- Mile 6= 9:09
- 0.2 Mile = 1:47 

The route wasn't flat. Lots of small hills, but if you add multiple ones in a race it really makes my pace slower. Sarah and I ran again together. We kept together until around mile 3 and then I slowed down a bit. She beat me by around a minute and half. Overall, it was a fun race. I love the big crowd and running through different parts of Louisville. The route started on E Broadway by the medical campus and then went around Cave Hill Cemetery and back.  The next race is the 10 Miler is two short weeks...eek! I hope I'm ready, and those hills are ready for me ;) 
Sarah and I pre-race 
We did it!! 

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