Sunday, March 16, 2014

8 Month Old Penny

This past week I went home for my Spring Break. That means that I got to see my puppy dog, Penny! She is 8 months already. I thought I would share what's up with the pup!

**NOTE: Most of these pictures are her snuggling...aka one of her favorite activities.

- Playing at the dog park
- Hiding her bones inside AND outside the house
- Sleeping on her electric blanket, burrowing down 
- Snuggling with anyone
- Chewing on bones (oinkies specifically)
- Whining for attention
- Stealing socks and eating them too!
- Car rides
- Running with Erin (that's what I think ;))
- Treats
- Her pet camel
- Wrestling with Chris
- Anything she's not supposed to have 

- Having to go outside in the cold and rain
- No one paying attention to her
- Us not sharing our human food with her
- When someone locks her out of a room

Snuggling with me...and she really did put her head there. No staging here!

Where's Penny??? She likes to burrow down in the electric blanket 

Chris and his snuggle buddy. Watching The Bachelor I believe, Ha!

What's up Pup?!

Uh oh!!! She's not allowed on the couch....Chris is in trouble....

Natural habitat. Chewing her bone on her electric blanket.

Snow day!
So darn cute!

Penny and I after our 3.5 mile run! 
I found this on Pinterest the other day. So TRUE!

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