Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Goals Revisited

Happy July! Since Summer is halfway over I thought I would update you on what I wanted to accomplish this summer. 

1. Make at least one recipe out of the Spanish cookbook (I bought in Spain)
I haven't done this yet. I actually haven't even opened up the book yet to pick out a recipe. But I still have a month and a half. I'm sure there will be an entire post about what I make.

2. Run 3 miles in 27 minutes. 
At the beginning of the summer my baseline was 31:43. My quickest so far has been 30:00. I'm making progress but I'm not sure if I will be at 27 minutes by the end of the summer. My Mom and I want to run a 5K by the end of the summer so who knows, I may be able to reach it!

3. Read 5 books
I have read 6 books already and it's only the beginning of July! I have read:
An Invisible Thread
On the Island
Fireflies in December
No Turning Back
No Turn Back
Heaven is for Real

4. Be able to do 25 normal girl push-ups in a row
I'm up to 20, woohoo! My baseline was 10 so I've made progress.

5. Study for the GRE and do amazing on it!
I've been studying a little bit. I need to make a schedule and stick to it. I had a family member give me some tips and told me which books to buy. I will be taking it in August. 

6. Scrapbook at least 10 pages, including Spain from last summer.
So far I have done 6 pages and 1 of them is Spain. I still have time to do more. 

7. Practice my Spanish at least 2 hours a week (through
I have practiced a little bit, but it has been sporadic. I have some friends going to Spain in July so I hope to Skype them and practice.

8. Complete the Hilltoppers for Life blog
I started it and have made a few posts, but it needs major work.

9. Catch up on what is happening on Grey's Anatomy.
This hasn't happened whatsoever. I don't like how hulu and the ABC site doesn't have all the episodes. So you have to go on shady websites and download episodes. Not a fan of that...

10. Take Bailey on at least 3 hikes.
Hasn't happened yet. We have discussed going but our plans have fallen through. We will eventually go!

11. Memorize the entire Rosary 
Not much happening here either. I have been praying the Divine Mercy more often, which I didn't know many of the words, but I'm getting there.

12. Get some sun, aka at least get some freckles back! 
I have not yet been to the beach! boo. But soon, very soon! I'm also going to Florida at the beginning of August so I will most likely get the majority of my sun there. 

13. Spend some quality time with my any kind of way.
Yes! Lots of it. 

14. Send postcards to friends when I travel.
I've sent two...I should probably send more!

15. Continue to blog, can I make a goal of at least 15 posts/month? 
I believe this is true. 

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