Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Trip to Vermont

This is one of the first things I saw when we hit the Vermont border.....
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And no....unfortunately we didn't see any moose! (They say if you do it's bad, because most likely you are about to hit one!) Anyways, my Dad had a business trip to Burlington, Vermont and he wanted me to be his "chauffeur" so he could work in the car while I drove. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive. Let me just say..middle of nowhere = boring drive. The mommy duck and her babies crossing the interstate was quite entertaining though! I'm glad that he asked me to go with him! Yesterday we left really early in the morning and arrived around lunch time. Dad and I went out to lunch and then we went our separate ways. I did a little research before we left so I had an idea of what I wanted to do. First, I wanted to visit Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory. I started walking because it was supposedly a short distance away, but I ended up turning around because the neighborhood seemed a little sketchy. Better safe then sorry! Afterwards, I walked up to Battery Park, which was only 5 minutes from our hotel. Let's just say I was little underwhelmed. I was expecting this huge park. It was very quaint and I'm sure it would have seemed nicer on a sunny day. 
View of Champlain Lake from Battery Park 
Since that took a whole 5 minutes I went to Church Street Marketplace which was a really nice place! Lots of shops and restaurants. I went into quite a few. Some chain stores, but the majority were local boutiques and shops. I had fun! Marketplace picture below,

The only things I bought: (Yes I was being a tourist) I got deer jerky for Chris, sample of Champlain Chocolates for Mom, and a few postcards to send to family members. 

After doing some shopping I went back to the hotel to cool off for a little bit. 
View from the hotel
 This is my excited-to-be-in-Vermont-face!
I grabbed a book and headed down to the water to find a bench to sit. I wanted to take in all of Vermont's beauty (cheesy, I know)! It was nice down by the water with lots of flowers and a walking path. While I was sitting there it was getting really cloudy and I saw some lightening. At that point I returned to the hotel. I think read like 5 pages?
Dock at Lake Champlain. According to wikipedia it is the 13th largest Lake in the US. It's big!

My Dad and I hung out at the hotel before dinner. He went out with some work people and I went back to Church Street and found a bagel shop to eat dinner. It was quite good! Once again, it started storming so I went back to the hotel room. Around 9 Dad and I went out for a drink to conclude the night. 

We left early the next morning after having breakfast in the hotel. We arrived back home around lunch time. 

In case you didn't know, below is what the state of Vermont looks like. Don't worry, I didn't know much about Vermont until I knew I was going to visit. Burlington is in the northeast. I believe it's the largest city in VT. 
 From Google

I had a fun (quick) trip and I can now say that I have been to Vermont! It is a quiet state with not much happening. They are known for skiing and outdoorsy sports (which I don't do too much of). Seeing all the mountains on the drive was quite a sight and very beautiful. Thanks for reading about my trip! 

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