Sunday, October 16, 2011

Salud and Jackson's Orchard

This is going to be mixed post because my weekend was busy. This weekend has gone by so fast, but it has been a good one!

Saturday I went to Horse Cave, KY for a Feria de Salud or Health Fair for the Hispanics in the community. It was a really great experience because I got to use my Spanish and meet wonderful medical volunteers that do this for free. At the beginning we helped them with their paper work- asking them about their medical conditions and the reason why they were there. Many of them had never seen a doctor before. Afterwards, I was assigned to work with the eye exams. I worked with a very nice older man. Pretty much the whole time I was telling the person to put their forehead forward and click the button. Then I told them to tell me what letters they could see. Over half of them had some type of vision problem. Some were really severe that I couldn't believe that could live day to day with such blurry vision. I stayed for almost 4 hours and headed back to Bowling Green. On the way back I got to ride with one of my Spanish professors which was fun, because she is such a sweet lady! (Plus before we even left the professors took us out to a Mexican restaurant which was nice!)

Today (Sunday) I went to Jackson's Orchard, which is a small family owned business that has pumpkin patches, apples, and a bunch of homemade foods. Every weekend in October they have a festival so I decided to go with some friends. They have a several activities for kids such as a petting zoo, slides, and crafts. It was super busy, but a lot of fun! I had an apple with carmel, which was delicious! (The carmel was even warm!)  It was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. It was great to take a study break. There were lots of cute kids to watch, music to listen to, and lots of pumpkins to choose from! Pictures below:

Scott and I

The Gang!

Pretty Flowers

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