Saturday, October 8, 2011

Homemade Pumpkin Cake

This weekend, during my Fall Break I wanted to bake something. I decided to make a pumpkin cake from a recipe I found from Pinterest. It was a fairly easy recipe and I enjoyed making it because I could use my own creativity. I made four mini pumpkins and one giant pumpkin. Lots and lots of baking :)

Recipe (for giant pumpkin)
2 boxes of cake mix (whatever kind you prefer, I used yellow mix) +plus ingredients required to make it
2 containers of white icing (again, whatever kind you prefer, I used vanilla)
1 block of microwavable white chocolate/vanilla
Yellow, red, and green fold coloring
One block of microwavable chocolate (this is for the stem, there are other options like a chocolate candy bar)

Prepare the cake mix as the box states. Bake two cakes, each in a Bundt pan. Let them cool completely. Once completely cooled, trim the top rounded side on each cake (like the picture below) so you can stack them on top of each other without them being lopsided. Take the extra cake that was trimmed off the top to fill the hole in the cake. 
Make orange frosting by adding red and yellow orange coloring. You will need more yellow than red. Mine turned out really pale, so I'm  not sure the best way to make it a dark orange. Completely cover the cake in icing. 
For the leaves, melt the white chocolate in the microwave. When melted add only two drops of green food coloring to the chocolate. It will start to harden, so shape the chocolate into leaves quickly and let dry on wax paper. 
Add the chocolate stem to the top middle of the pumpkin and then once the leaves are dry add them. TA DA! A yummy and completely edible, sweet pumpkin!

For the mini pumpkins I used mini round pans and made 4 pumpkins out of one box of cake mix. The one thing I like about this recipe is you can use any kind of flavor cake, icing (well a white kind), and candy bar. In the future I actually want to make one with pumpkin spice cake, to make it really taste like fall! I made the giant pumpkin for a family friend because they let my mom and I stay at their house for Fall Break. 
The kind of cake/icing I used
The mini bundt pans for the mini pumpkins
The mini ones are done baking!

One bundt cake is done

Cutting off the top to make it level

Stack the two bundt cakes together

Mixing up the orange icing



Mini pumpkin- I used kit-kat for stem

Giant pumpkin with the babies!

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