Saturday, January 11, 2014

MMT 2014 Week One

It's begun!! Yay! MMT=Mini-marathon Training 

WEEK 1 (and 1/2):
1-1-14: OFF
1-2-14: Ran/walk 3 miles 41:23 (TM)
1-3-14: OFF
1-4-14: Ran 2.5 miles 25:58 (TM)
1-5-14: Cardio circuit: elliptical 20 minutes, walk hill TM 40 minutes, stair stepper 20 minutes
1-6-14: OFF
1-7-14: Yoga class 50 minutes Ran 1.5 miles  (TM)
1-8-14: Weight lifted 50 minutes, Ran 2.5 miles 44:22 (TM)
1-9-14: Yoga class 50 minutes  
1-10-14: Weight lifted 45 minutes, Ran 2.5 miles 25:45
1-11-14: Ran 3 miles 28:46, Ran/Walk 2 miles 25:14

Total Mileage 1/2 week: 5.5
Total Mileage full week: 11.5

TM= Treadmill

This first week has been a slow ease into training, running wise. I actually ran a lot when I was in Hilton Head, but coming back to the cold didn't help my motivation. I've been running mainly on the treadmill and had a couple days outside, which were perfect! That below 0 weather hit us this week, so it was hard to be able to run outside. I definitely have picked up my weight training, which I know will make a difference in my pace. I've been getting up early (6 am, gasp!) and either lifting or yoga and then running or cardio in the afternoon. I love getting an early start to my day. I think a combination of getting rest, exercising more, and eating right has made this first week a success. Once I start running more, I'm sure my pace will be a lot better because I was quite slow this week. 

Another side note....I love love love Yoga! It makes me feel so good. I was quite sore after the class on Tuesday considering I hadn't taken a class in over 3 weeks. Glad to be back!

And another, another side note....check out my snazzy new outfit! I got the pants and pullover for Christmas and I love them! And the shoes are new as well, matches perfectly. 

Goal for week 2: Run quicker, specifically have a 3 mile run at 27:00. 

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