Friday, January 3, 2014

5 month old Penny

I can't believe that Penny is 5 months old already! She is growing up fast. Last time I saw her during Fall Break she was definitely smaller and not as well behaved (but still cute, of course). She is now almost 30 pounds, listens better and loves to play at the dog park. She had so much fun on her first vacation to Hilton Head as well. She loved the beach, and could probably stay there all day if she could. She didn't like the water. She wanted to drink it, but finally realized that it was salty. Chris also wanted to see if she could swim....let's just say she didn't really like when he threw her in the pool. I will try to upload the video. 

Here is a five-month-check up pictures:

Merry Christmas from Penny and I 
 Dog Park pictures...
Hopping up for a treat...I call this "Elf Penny"
Penny's buddy LuLu
Around the house....
She's my snuggle buddy
And I can hold her like a baby
Look at what nice teeth she has!
New coat to keep warm in CT winters

 Hilton Head....

Long car ride

Beach sniffing 

Harbour Town 

Penny wanted to play Rummikub too
Watching out for the golfers 
Frisbee at the beach, we got her in the water!

Her new Hilton Head hat!

And when we got home from warm Hilton Head to below 0 CT, she loves the heated blanket. 

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