Thursday, January 16, 2014

Animal House- Adoption Center

Today Katelynn and I went to Animal House- Adoption Center to visit the dogs and puppies that are up for adoption. They all were so adorable! It was so hard to leave without a dog. It was a fun way to spend my birthday afternoon. 

We visited with four different dogs:
1. Pokey- 2 month old Saint Bernard Mix. He was sooo cute and sweet! He loved to play and hop on onto your lap. His paws were so big so there's a good possibility that he could grow up to be 150 pounds!
2. Lucy- Pug mix. She was full of energy, snorted, and a little overweight. She was cute, but very high energy.
3. Charlie- Husky and German Shepherd Mix. He was hyper and had the cutest face ever, with wrinkles on his forehead. He was getting a little frisky with Katelynn...ha!
4. Nugget- Black Lab mix. He was the sweetest dog ever. Two years old and very chill. He was abused so he had some scars and marks on him and the worker said he has accidents sometimes when he's scared. We were really considering taking him home!

It's you're ever interested volunteering or adopting a dog or cat, Animal House is your place! It was sad to see so many lonely and abandoned dogs, but it was great to see the signs that said just adopted.