Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ice Cream Cake for a 21st Birthday

Happy Birthday to a wonderful roommate, Hannah! This weekend she turned 21. You know what that means? I needed to make her an awesome birthday cake of course! I haven't made one of my delicious ice cream cakes in FOR-EVER.                                       <-BIRTHDAY GIRL (with her crazy hair!)
Check out this easy, yummy, chocolatey, heaven-like cake...

1 box brownie mix (plus ingredients to make it)
1 roll of cookie dough
1 tub of ice cream (whatever flavor floats your boat :) )
1 jar of fudge 

Bake brownie according to the box, EXCEPT under cook it a little bit so it's still a little gooey. Make one giant cookie that will fit right on top of the brownie. Let both the brownie and cookie completely cool. Spread the jar of fudge on top of the brownie. Put the cookie on top of the fudge. The cookie may fall apart, but it will still taste good and be covered by the ice cream :). Freeze for at least an hour. Soften the ice cream and  spread on top. Put back in the freezer a little bit and then the deliciousness is ready to be served! 

Giant Cookie
This is the fudge I used
We stuck it in our VERY crowded freezer!
We used Cookies n Cream ice cream. 
Look at those yummy layers!

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