Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week Three 5K Thanksgiving Training

It was an awesome running week! On Friday I ran 6 miles, woo-hoo! That's the most I've run in several months. My legs were sure tired after that. Also, I reached running 100 miles since the beginning of August! I have been keeping track of my running on DailyMile since the beginning of August. It's a great website to figure out your pace and compare how much you've been running. If your into running or cycling you should check into it ;)

Here's my week:
10-21-12: REST
10-22-12: Ran 3 miles 29:30, bike 15 minutes, weights 20 minutes
10-23-12: Ran 2 miles 19:38, Elliptical 25 minutes
10-24-12: Ran 5 miles 50:00
10-25-12: Elliptical 45 minutes, weights 15 minutes
10-26-12: Ran 6 miles 60:00
10-27-12: REST

Check out my Lifetime Stats...104.35 miles (on October 26th)

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