Sunday, October 21, 2012

Running Into a Good Weekend

Check out Week "Numero Dos" for running this past week. It definitely was a good running week, especially with the beautiful weather!

Week Two: 
10-14-12: REST
10-15-12: Ran 5 miles 50:32
10-16-12: Ran 3 miles TEMPO 29:38, EFX 10 minutes
10-17-12: Ran 1 mile 9:44, EFX 35 minutes, 20 minutes weights
10-18-12: REST
10-19-12: Ran 4 miles 40:00
10-20-12: REST

All this running, built up to a good weekend! I went to Kevin's house this weekend. Friday night we went over to one of his friend's house and watched two scary movies: The Cabin the Woods and Paranormal Activity 3. Let me tell you, there wasn't anything special about either of these movies. I thought Cabin was dumb, gory, and not very scary. Paranormal was a little bit better, but I was expecting A LOT scarier. I had never seen any of the Paranormal movies, so I was expecting something really good. There were some freaky parts in it, but I definitely didn't have any nightmares. 

Saturday we headed to Lexington for the UK vs. Georgia game. Kevin went to UK, but is an even bigger Georgia football fan. By the picture you can see he convinced me to wear a UK shirt....

(Still a UofL fan *cough* *cough*) 

Kevin wore a Georgia shirt, but wore a UK jacket for the picture so we "matched." We tailgated for a little bit before the game and then watched the game. It was quite a close game. We ended up leaving before it was over and Georgia ended up winning. I was taken on a brief campus tour in the dark before we headed home. I had a really fun time! 

Today was the 50th Anniversary Mass for the Catholic Center at St. Thomas Aquinas Church. The archbishop said the mass. It was great to celebrate what the Catholic Center has been doing on WKU's campus. I'm so thankful that it is here for us Catholics on campus. Hope it continues for more and more years to come! 

It was a pretty good weekend :)

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