Sunday, October 21, 2012

Created Equal

On Friday October 19, 2012 Created Equal visited Western Kentucky University's campus. Hilltoppers for Life, the pro-life student organization that I belong to, hosted them. According to their website this is their mission...

We're a social action movement seeking to end the greatest human rights injustice of our time.   Killing preborn babies is nothing less than age-based discrimination.  Abortion robs us of our future.  Our goal is to restore the true meaning of equality to include equal protection between the born and the preborn.   
Protecting preborn children is our cause.  What makes Created Equal a movement is that we are an organized, mobilized generation choosing to live intentionally to protect the weak and defenseless by drawing strength and inspiration from one another.  
We live in a day when someone with a cell phone camera and a good idea can change the world.  Our various media make it possible for people to become part of a grassroots effort intelligently responding to injustice.  We are 21st century defenders.  There’s a place for everyone in this movement.  Join us.
What a great mission! :)
There were seven representatives that came down from Ohio that gave us training the night before and the next day is when it all began on campus. The display was placed on a high traffic area on campus from 9am to 2pm. This was the first time that the Hilltoppers for Life has done this kind of display before. This is completely different than the Cemetery of the Innocents that we put up last semester. These signs showed the harsh reality of abortion. 
Our purpose was to show WKU students what is happening in our country today- life is being ended tragically every day. People may have wondered why we decided to do it this way, why such graphic images of aborted babies? People need to see reality. These shocking images clearly show that a human life/baby is being killed. Sometimes it takes seeing to believing. Some can talk all they want about a fetus "not being a human being." Why don't you take a good look at these images, is that not a child?! Take this analogy: Harsh images such as those who died in the Holocaust, a drunk driver victim, or extreme acts of violence show the reality. Without these images, then how are you going to understand the truth. 
I believe that we instigated the students and faculty of WKU to think. Is this really what happens when a child is aborted? Yes. Some may think that this display may have offended, but come on now, offensiveness can be seen all the time (not just women and political things). 
We wanted to spark conversation with students and that's just what we did. There were several debating their beliefs. We had men and women come and talk to us. There were a few women that looked at our displays, crying or extremely angry (most likely they have had a close experience with abortion). It was quite interesting to listen to the opinions of others. 
I'm thankful that Created Equal was able to come to our campus to spread the pro-life movement on campus. I believe that abortion will be ended in my lifetime, YOU JUST WAIT!  
Here is an article published by the school newspaper: WKU Herald

Pictures from the day....
John Sohl (President of HFL) being interviewed for the school newspaper
Lots of discussions...

Debating and conversing
One of the signs
One of the Created Equal reps consoling a woman
A student crying- she was very angry. 

Support for Women