Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Shoes + Training

I FINALLY GOT NEW RUNNING SHOES!!! It was long overdue. The running shoes I've been using were bought in March and were used for mini-marathon training, so those shoes are flat and have lots of miles on them now! The first time I tried them (which was yesterday) I ran 5 miles! I think these are going to be some lucky ones. 

On another note, my Mom, Nick (my brother), and I will be running a 5K over Thanksgiving Break. I've been trying to run more often and become quicker. I'm determined to beat my time from my last 5K. It's a little under 7 weeks until the Thanksgiving race. 

Here is what Week 1 looked like....
10-7-12: REST
10-8-12: EFX 55 minutes 
10-9-12: Ran 3 miles 30:00, Bike 10 minutes  
10-10-12: Ran 1 mile 10:00, EFX 30 minutes, weights 30 minutes 
10-11-12: REST
10-12-12: Ran 3.2 miles 30:00, weights 15 minutes 
10-13-12: REST 

Check out my new snazzy running shoes :) 
They are Asics Blurr-33


  1. This is funny! I was just researching running shoes yesterday, because I have had mine for 2 years now and have run a mini, 10k and multiple 5k's in them! They are shot. I was trying to figure out the best brand of running shoes. I've always owned asics, but i've heard good things about nike and mazuno. Might have to check out those asics! I like them! :)

    1. They are really comfortable. They are supposed to be minimalist running shoes, which I have never worn before, but I love them! I've heard mazuno are good too, but haven't tried them.