Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dave Matthews Band Concert

I finally got to see Dave Matthews Band last night!! It was an AMAZING concert! Here's a recap of the night...

Kevin and I 
Maggie and Zach 
Kevin plus two other friends, Zach and Maggie, and I headed up to Louisville in the early afternoon. We went to Impellizeri's for dinner which serves delicious pizza! I also met up with my friend Maura. I was excited to see her, because it had been months and it was great to catch up. Two other pluses about the restaurant besides the delicious food were they played DMB music the whole night and it was a 2 minute walk from the Yum! Center where there concert was held. YES!

After dinner we headed to the arena. The opening was some reggae guy (is it bad that I don't remember his name?). He was good, but not my type of music. Finally after waiting for an hour, it was Dave time!! We were pretty high up, but at a good angle so I thought our seats were not too bad. Kevin is a DMB expert and this was his 9th concert I think? And he said he was a great concert as well!

Here was his setlist: 
1. Don't Drink the Water (Fav)
2. Eh Hee
3. Rooftop
4. Seven
5. #41
6. Mercy
7. Grey Street (Fav)
8. Belly Belly Nice
9 You & Me (Fav)
10. The Riff 
11. Spaceman
12. Jimi Thing
13. Digging a Ditch
14. Drunken Soldier
15. Everyday
16. Two Step
17. Christmas Song
18. Country Blues Improv
19. Halloween
20. Tripping Billies (Fav)

I shared my favorites in case you were wondering :) 

I think this post fulfilled the Music Monday I missed the other day! 

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